Saturday, January 1, 2011

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New Year...New Goals, Old Goals

I am so excited for this new year! I have so many goals and updates and things I want to do this year. I want to expand my blog start writing a book or at least take a class to learn to write the book lol. I am graduating this year I am opening up a preschool. I am just so happy about all these things and starting them.

Reflection time : 2010 was not that bad but toward the end it was not that great either. I started off with an awesome thing that I wanted to do and I came in contact with something I thought I was too old to deal with...Girl Drama. I HATE girl drama. I stepped outside of my comfort zone and finally did something that is not something that comes natural or that is easy and that is make friends. I did not make whole lot of friends but I did come away from the experience with a greater appreciation for those that were my friends and really know me and for the calm non drama times lol. I dealt with mama dram most of the year and other various things that while sent me into a depression it made me a stronger person. I got to the heart of the matter within myself. 2010 is going to be the year I look back on and see that it was the year I made my really big change.

Resolutions : I am going to exercise more I actually like to exercise but lost the motivation when all the bad things began happening all at once. I want to allow more people to help me do things. I have always tried to make sure that I was the one taking the burden off of others and making them comfortable and this year made me realize that not all people view this the way I see it. I love helping people I love doing things but I have to let others help me just because I need help does not mean that the people will think I am incapable of handling things or that I am lazy or that I do not want to do it. This was my biggest downfall this year and because I am too nice and I have so many problems with actually letting people in I did not see the problem until I was knocked down.

Another part of this is that I want to volunteer more. I am now an unemployed person and I was thinking about how much I really do love to help people and I think I will be volunteering my last couple months here.

My big resolution? Is that I am going to remain positive and not allow people who do know me or like me for me to affect what I know is true about myself. People judge you all the time and learning to be happy with yourself is a big job. I like to have fun I like to go out I make a real effort to make sure that I have interest outside of my children and husband. This does not mean I do not care about them but it does mean that I have figured out a way to deal with being a military wife and at times the only parent around. My way is not everyone but for me it works .

I am ambitious I am goal oriented I am me. No matter what happens I will get through it and I will be a bigger person because of it :)

So everyone please

Live long and Happy New Year!


  1. You're a great lady! I wish you greatness in 2011:)

  2. You are such a sweet soul! I wish you the best 2011..full of happiness!!!

  3. beautiful.Belated wishes for the happy and properous new year 2011


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