Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I am filled with snot

You know what I mean. The feeling of becoming a mouth breather because you can't breathe through your nose? Oh yeah baby. I am a hott hott mouth breather. I see the way people look at me wanting me. Saying ooooh lets help blow her nose. Yeah I know the fever must be affecting my brain if I think people want a snot filled mommy. My kids love me though.

I almost went off on my husband last night. He IM's me and he says "Awwww baby your still sick I am sorry". You know I am thinking yay! he understands. No. He then asks me if I played a video game he bought for me and if I went to the mail box. Yes because as I try to breathe and get rid of a fever with two little boys all by my damn self I am worried about checking the mail and playing a video game. Husband loses points. I will still be giving him some because well it's months and months and dude I am not capable of holding out. I have to be sick or super super tired to not want to do it. Which I mean I am the mother of two young children so it does happen. But I at least try for at least once a week when he is home because I mean I find my husband sexy I wanna hit that.

So anyways I am sick and it sucks with no one here to help. Joe is a very very good husband and father. When he is home and he knows I need rest he makes sure I take my meds and he takes care of the boys and whatever they need. While I sleep. I wish he was here doing all of this on my own sucks big time but I will make it because that is what military wives do.

I think the only thing that sucks is that I am not around people who can help me. The boys Godfather Greg is AWESOME. Whenever Joe left or was at work and I needed something he came by to check on us. He helped us out a lot. He was also my secret cig supplier :). I don't think I can ever repay Greg all the help he gave us while we were in Panama City. He is an awesome guy. I hoping he meets someone that can see how awesome he is and instead of him spoiling them he is spoiled.

I have to go eat and get ready to get Nathan and Lucas from German Kindergarten...don't worry I have more stuff to say lol I bet you never really worry about that now do you?

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