Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Homemaking..Star Date 35

Children are Demons...Treat them as such


Is it bad that I thought that this would be a good idea for children when we are trying to clean the house?No no I would never EVER put my children in that.....if I lived above the first floor.

My demon/super heroes refused to clean their rooms this weekend. Every time I began to clean the house and told the boy to clean their rooms there was cleaning for three min and then they would begin to scream and run around. Nathan complained that he was tired and that he needed to lay down or that he was just STARVING 15 min after he ate his food. Crazy making. So I decided I was done trying to clean two extra rooms.

I know people want their living rooms and dining rooms to look grown up but that shit is just not happening when you have children. If your house does look perfect and like children have never crossed your threshold I might hate you which really means I am jealous and I hate you.

I have always had an empty spot in my dining area that I have been wanting to sit a breakfast rack or a sideboard but after the weekend decided it would be the new area in which the boys play area would live. I removed all toys from their rooms threw out TONS and put the rest in the play area in an organized state. The Demons/Superheroes were a bit upset that their rooms were becoming empty and that toys were actually entering the trash bag and STAYING there. In the end I was very proud of the new area carved out and it came in handy when I babysat three children during the week. I could watch them play and handle arguments.

Here is the new play area.
Back to the title. So don't act like your children are perfect angels...they are scary scary lil ankle biters. They cause grey hairs and tears. YES! I have actually cried. Example of demon type behavior? When Demon 2 peed on me.....on purpose. I know you are laughing...cause I laughed too a week later but at the time I was staring at him as I held him by one arm and directed the pee in another direction thinking....WHO TOLD ME TO DO THIS?!?! Sigh no one told me actually lets me honest I heard more warning AGAINST making a demon than for it.

But then the Superheroes come out...example....Superhero 1 went with me to a Mother/Son Dance and he loved it. So he decided that he wants to take me dancing again and asked me if he could :). I was very excited and it's moments like these that I remember the reason for having the two Superheroes.

This does not mean that I do not need a drink by the end of my just means I won't be an alcoholic :)

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  1. I also have 2 super/demons...and a diva/devil...and of course the baybay, I can totally relate. I like your play area it's great. I am hoping to do something like that in our garage. :)


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