Saturday, April 16, 2011

Return of the Homemaker...

I hate everything....

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So I have been insanely busy lately as well as trying to get some personal affairs in order. I have been wanting to type a blog only to fall asleep during homework and having to deal with trying to rush out the homework at the last min. So I have come to the conclusion that I hate everything.

Sigh I don't mean it lol. I am just tired. But I will say that yesterday aside from the trip home was awesome. We took the boys to Holland to the Keukenhof and to Clara Maria. We saw tulips and bought fresh AWESOME cheese. The boys saw cows and sheep. Nathan much like his mother declared he was ready to leave when we saw a chicken hanging by his neck from the rafters. All in all the trip was very awesome and I loved both places and I am very glad I made the trip Lucas' birthday trip.

During the time I was away my little man Lucas had his birthday his third birthday to be exact. I spoiled him within an inch of his life and I was very happy to do so :) He loved having his party with his friends at the military version of Chuckie Cheese. I found on awesome party favors for the train themed party. They were train hats and train whistles for all the children. Nathan is having an early birthday party due to us leaving this summer to move back to the states. This is his birthday party with classmates and I wanted it to be special so we are throwing him a birthday party at a Children's hands Science Museum that he fell in love with a couple of months ago when we visited.

We got the listing for the bases we might be able to move too. I am not impressed with it at all three are northern bases and they make me wanna punch someone and the fourth I could see myself living there but getting there might be a long shot for us. So wish me good thoughts lol. The fourth place is Baltimore. I won't feel out of place there. The other three I would be a black spot in the snow....that is how many black people probably reside there...did you know I am a tropical person? Well I am.

So I have decided to run another give away and I am super super excited especially since I this both products are pretty awesome. So here they are a Martha Stewart Dutch oven and second place will be a bamboo cutting board both products I have used and I love them and think that they will be an asset to any kitchen.

Martha Stewart Collection Red Enameled Cast Iron Round Pot, 7 Qt. Red
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If you want a chance to be thrown into the drawing for these 1st and 2nd place prizes hit up my facebook page and sign up!

Because of all my pictures and such I will be making a second post tomorrow that will be my picture post with links to some awesome websites I have found in the last couple weeks!

Remember to Live long and Prosper and to take a break!

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  1. I want to win! I left you a fb comment on apple snacks yesterday :)


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