Monday, March 15, 2010

Falling Flat Post 9

I did it!! I made some food from the cook book and it was awesome. Yesterday I made Skillet Roast with Cherries, Roasted Asparagus and Garlic Noodles. I also baked some Snicker doodles. I am so excited the food came out so well I was very worried about it.

I am not sure which of the foods I have picked out for the week I am making today but I will tell you that the making of the Oatmeal Cookies will have to wait until after the other cookies are gone! I did not realize the reciepe made so many. Also I messed up and put too much sugar in the snicker doodles..(shhh don't tell anyone) In the end though it worked out because no one really noticed :) And by no one I mean my children did not notice lol.

So this weekend I got into a serious discussion with the husband. We argued over the basement we don't have. Yep I said it. We don't have a basement and we argued over it. He wants to make a man pit in any basement we get and I think that is stupid when he could have his man pit in an extra bedroom in the house and my business be kept separate from the house. By doing this I limit how often we fight because he does not feel like he can not live in his own house. Which was the problem with FCC. We live in the same place as the daycare and it was hard actually living in place when every sign that we existed in the house as a family could be called a violation. We fought a lot and he just never felt comfortable in his own home because he couldn't touch anything or mess up anything and I was stressed from trying to keep a house looking perfect with two toddlers.

I have also discovered that it is very important to me that I am home to help the boys with their homework. Which is another reason I am leaning toward to working from home. But he can't have the basement because it's stupid and he can have the extra room upstairs. Of course we don't have this house so really us fighting over it is really special lol. There is actually nothing to argue about because I will get my way cause my way is better and that is all.

Nathan has an appt this week with the private school so they can see where he is at and everything for Kindergarten. So you know when they say this I start thinking about other parents who have heard this and thought of meetings like this as a test. By that I mean they start to quiz the children and get them ready for the meeting making sure that they know their letters and numbers and just generally annoying the hell out of the child. I found myself with the urge to do just that but I have refrained from it because really I know what Lucas knows and I also know that stressing him out is not going to help him in any way feel comfortable when the time comes.

Kate Gosselin-Now I know I don't know her but I have a few things to say about the things I am hearing and seeing from her. Why? She has the biggest stick up her ass I have ever seen in my life...seriously. I stopped watching the show because her need for everything to be exactly was overwhelming just from the screen. Don't get me wrong the way Jon was letting himself being mowed over was not exactly what was needed. So now the chick is everywhere...why are you everywhere? Why are you always on a tv show? Why are you always getting your picture taken? How do you afford the daycare for all the kids while you run off and do these things?? I mean I pay my sitter 7.50 and hour for my two kids why the piss is the going rate for 8 children?

Sarah Palin-Go away PLEASE just go away NOW!

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