Friday, March 12, 2010

Falling Flat Post 8


I figured the most basic thing I forgot to do for myself was to introduce myself to everyone. I mean your all vastly interested in what I have to say about myself right?

Ok so I am a little black girl who was born in New York and raised in Cali. I am half tom boy half girlie girl. In order to explain this better I will have to tell you a story. Shut up and read.....

I loved my Barbie and felt she was lonely. Barbie requested a mate. I was given the Ken doll. I cried and cried and said that Ken was a pussy why would MY Barbie want such a man. So when notified of what I wanted they were shocked but gave in to my request. GI Joe. GI JOE was not the all American Hero though...Barbie was. Joe was stripped of his uniform and stolen and taken into the Jungles of Africa. There Barbie rode the camo Jeep through rough terrain and tackled animals head on in order to save her man from danger. My Barbie was a tough bitch. I wanted to be like my tough as nails barbie. I joined the military.

I sound like Hooks from the Police Academy Movies. Which made me vastly ineffective as a cop. I was called cute, sweet, nice. None of those are suppose to be words associated with a cop. My husband knocked me up after him chasing me for four years and we got married. I got out and here we are I am a mommy a student and a teacher. I love to read and have fun and I try to entertain but I am better at it after I have had a few and I no longer care what anyone thinks.

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