Friday, March 12, 2010

Falling Flat Post 7

Ok, well anyways I am still trying to get everything together to begin my wonderful trip into the cooking world. I still refuse to produce a lick of tasty food until I have Martha's ass all over my kitchen. That sounded just a little bit bad didn't it? I went back too late to get the baking book I wanted, I did mange to pick up another one though and I look forward to producing desserts from scratch and telling everyone I did it!

My life has been pretty good. I am working hard and spending time with my crazy ass children. I have decided to put Nathan in Private school. We decided this after looking at Nathan's reactions to being in a large class room environment. I am actually fairly excited about this and can't wait. We have a meeting with the teacher on Thursday...which is good because if they decide they can't work with him then I can still have time to enroll him in the public school at the mass cattle call they are having :).

I have discovered I am obsessed with books. No I am addicted....I can't go a whole day with out reading 20 pages. Right now the kind I am addicted to are Romance books...dirty,nasty romance books. The kind that make you blush. Why you ask? My husband is deployed need I say more?!? I am usually reading Mysteries and Adventures. Or Thrillers. I also love comedies. I am getting ready to try and read the book Push that inspired Precious. I want someone else to read it with me. If you would like to let me know. I would love someone to discuss the book with while I am reading it.

I took the Pin up Pictures for Joe yesterday. I saw the preview of them and I looked pretty good before the touch up lol so I should look damn near smoking after!I mean all my wrinkles and my brain stomach and the lines created by pushing out two 8 pound 8 ounce children GONE!! I love technology. I can look like a thick chick with no flaws YAY!!!!

Wish my ass was a little bigger...wish my hips was a little bit wider...wish I had a rabbit in a hat with a bat

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