Monday, March 8, 2010

Disney is the debil...

Everywhere you freaking turn in Disneyland Paris there are stores filled to the brim with Disney gear. Unfortunately it is all pointed toward little girls who love Princesses. I have two boys and trying to find something to buy them that was not pink and filly became an obsession of mines while I was there.

The Trip to Disney started off rocky the cab I called for did not come in the morning so I had to call another at 645 when I needed to be on the train at 7:22. Actually that was when the Train was departing. I was seriously pissed. But I got there just in time because the Taxi driver ran a red light for me! Don't worry there were no cars anywhere in sight. So I get up there to the train station and almost throw a fit. The damn thing is so confusing I am not sure where I am suppose to be going with two children a huge ass bag and a double stroller. Finally I climb up the stairs with everything and figure out I am on the wrong platform. I freak the piss out. I mean really can you make your signs less confusing?! As I am freaking out and my children have decided that they are going to jump ship and act like they don't know me two train employees see me freaking out and help me carry all my stuff to the train.

Lesson number one about riding the train in not sit in someone else spot on these trains they freak the hell out and make you move....they do not care that there are other spots or that you may have two children and mounds of things or that the train official set you down there...they want that damn seat and they want it now. So there you go! I had to get up and move from a seat and go 4 cars down in a narrow German Train with a double stroller and two children under the age of life was complete.

I get to Paris with no further incidences. No one told me that Paris has an obession with stairs so I had to find a way to get down to the train that I needed with my stupid as hell double stroller. When out of no where a beautiful French men came to my rescue. He was going in the same direction as I was. And he carried the stroller down all the stairs and explained to me how to read the Train signs to make sure I got on the right ones. Some how I thought this would be the only friendly person I met on the trip and I continued to shower him with Merci's. But I met so many friendly people in Germany and in France that it restored my faith that there were still friendly people around all over the world :). I was helped on and off Trains with my boys people asked if they could help me and carried bags and the stroller and helped me to herd my fab children on and off at different locations.

Alright onward and upward...our trip into the deep recesses of the debil that is Disney was so much FUN. Our first day we got there at 2pm and traveled all over the park in the cold cold weather. I was a stupid stupid chick the first day and left the stroller (when it was my whole purpose for bringing it) and bought them a balloon the first day in the park. They loved the balloons so much they did not look where they were going. Not only that but the offending balloons kept slapping people in the face. We saw a Disney show and walked around various
places and had fun trying to catch glimpses of the characters. Word to the wise the Disney here does not have the characters out and about as much as the one in Florida so you have to be aggressive about getting the pictures taken with the ones you do see. Also people cut it's like a tradition you have to be aggressive and make it known you are standing in line. Fortunately it's not something they do on purpose and they do feel sorry and give up the spot when they see that you were there first.

Our second day....began with a tantrum. Lucas has hit the terrible twos hard and fast. Now this trip is suppose to be for him for his birthday but he is going for the goal baby with his tantrums but they will be brought under control...I promise! Anyways. So the second day we did three major things we Got on the Train that took us around the Park and the second thing was we went on this Armeggedon thing that recreates a special effect and it was totally awesome there was fire and smoke and the whole thing rocked and then rolled and Nathan hated it and told me he did not like it. Lucas LOVED it and laughed the entire time. When we came out he kept saying... FIRE!! LMAO it was awesome. oops totally forgot that we went and saw Lilo and Stitch live show. I got in the wrong line and we saw it in French. They said I could stay and watch the show in English but we had Fast Pass tickets for Buzz Light year. The boys had fun and laughed right along with everyone I didn't think too much about the fact that it was in another language since they had fun :).

I then took them to Buzz Light year which was a lot of fun kiddie roller coaster right where we swung around in our seats firing lasers at bad guys. We all had fun and got the pictures to prove it.

The rest of the trip?

-Nathan peed himself
-Woke up at 1230 watch was on upside down and I thought it was 630 woke up the boys thought I was late went to check out....I was wrong then had to put the boys back to bed.
-Got on the wrong train back to Paris, then missed getting off at the right stop and had to get on another train to get back home.

Over all it was a fab trip and I had so so much fun and can't wait to go back and see the grown up sites!!

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  1. How wonderful! It sounds like you had a great time. You are so brave to travel alone with two little ones. I wish I could have gone with you!


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