Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fallling Flat Post 5

My descent into Crazy Town-

I woke up this morning at 330...why do I wake up that early you ask? Because Lucas decided to wake up AGAIN!! So then after that I awaken every hour on the hour by the children declaring it was morning time and that they were hungry. So finally they decided that I could sleep until 7am. I woken up to a 4year old screaming he was going potty and a 1 year old (going to be two on the 24th) screaming for his brother. What I did not know was that Lucas had the worst poop EVER and he decided to remove his diaper. So I made a mad dash for the bathroom with a naked poo covered toddler....

This was all before 8am.

To be continued......

So I bought my cookbook so FINALLY I have conclued the start of the adventure. So it is called Anyone can cook :) It's by Home and Garden. I am going to be picking up the Anyone can bake book by them also. I am very excited about this. So I have convinced my husband that there is only way for me to ACTUALLY be a good cook and that would be for me to have Martha Stewart cooking gear. He said yes *evil laughter* Martha and her crap shall take over my world :). I am so excited with the things I am going to get

You can see some examples in the upper right hand corner :). I wanting to attempt to introduce my kids to new foods and to vary our foods enough that we do not get bored and we end up eating at home more. Joe is very not liking this plan due to how picky he is about food but I am all about this plan and can not WAIT to try it out.

Sometime today I realized that when I get back to the states I will be working from home but for the most part I will an at home mom. I am actually excited and OK with it. I feel like it will be important for Nathan and Lucas to have someone at home to listen to his day and help with his homework. But I worry more about Nathan and how he would react to both parents working outside the home. Whenever it has happened before he would change. He is doing better now because I do not work full time and if I want he can come to work with me.

I think these are the types of things that mothers are constantly at war with themselves about. There is nothing wrong with either side working moms, stay at home moms. We are all moms trying to do our best to raise our children to be polite upstanding citizens.

Have any of you ever struggled with this type of thing? What was your conclusion to this question?

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