Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fallling Flat Post 4

Hello Best Friend!!!

Ok, well today I started off bit sluggish due to Lucas being addicted to breast milk like an addict is addicted to crack. I can't get him off. I am so done breast feeding!! I have to get up about three times at night and put him back in his bed and the whole time he is trying to get to his milk and he is crying "mines! mines!" No dude, they are MINES.

I failed with my adventure yesterday in looking for my cookbook so I will attempt to try again today. I was given an idea to try a recipe exchange. I also like that idea. I unsure of how to start these kinds of things. I guess I will just send out the idea and see what comes back to me.

Now lets get down to the nitty gritty of what this post is really about...Perfect Mothers or the mothers that LOOK perfect. I mean today I sat down next to these two mothers and they were so well put together with their clean cars and matching shoe srcarves combos and their hair done up with the perfect amount of make up. Then there was me with my pants that fit two days ago *during the period* and my over sized button down boyfriend shirt (thats what it is called "the boyfriend shirt") my white socks and black flats. Because finding shoes for women who wear a size 11 is damn near impossible. My mother just HAD to make me a 5'4 woman with big feet. I blame her and her 5'1 body with her size 10 feet :).

Well anyway as I was saying. I sat down next to these mothers and felt like a bag of ass. And not a nice bag either but a wrinkled bag. It got me to wondering.....Are they as put together as they appear in public? When they close their doors do they fall apart like the rest of us mothers? I will return and give more of my thoughts at the end of the day.

Ok I am back and I am going to be getting my boys ready for bed here soon. But I just wanted to notify all you perfect people out there that I failed in my adventure of grabbing a cook book. So I guess I will try AGAIN. Third day is the charm!

So anyway what I was saying earlier is that I feel like a wrinkled bag of ass but after cleaning my house and teaching two classes I think that while it might be pretty damn efficient I think my crazy wrinkled world is probably just fine the way it is.

Now I have to deal with two boys walking around with open umbrellas in the house.

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