Monday, March 1, 2010

Falling Flat Post 2

I am on my way to scrub my toilets and then to run errands before I pick up my boys from school and I was watching Julie and Julia while I was cleaning and it got me to thinking...should I work my way through a cookbook? I don't want to blog about it because I mean really what would I have to say about it? But I think it would interesting to see just how good I can cook when I concentrate. I love food and it would a fun thing to do and way to get the kids to eat new things.

So today's adventure will be about food and finding the perfect cook book to try and feed myself and my two boys from. If I had followers for this blog I would take suggestions but since I don't I will attempt to muddle through the cook book section of my book store looking for interesting things I can cook and feed myself.

So maybe I could start a dinner party club...we pick a cookbook and work our way through the recipes together and meet and have dinner at each others houses. That sounds like a great idea I think I will try and see if anyone else is interested in this idea.

I will be back later after I have done my homework and put my rug rats to bed to flesh this idea out more. This blog has become my new best friend. So

Hello friend welcome to my life :).


  1. OMG that is a wonderful idea! I'm obsessed with cooking, food and healthy stuffs.

  2. I know the group I am part of on Cafemom gave me the idea to do it! I am seriously thinking about doing it. It would also push me to decorate my house lol.


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