Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Homemaking.......Star Date 52

I HAVE ARRIVED!! And boy am I tired.....
funny pictures history - Excuse me  while I bang my head on this table...

Alright, so I am FINALLY able to do a blog post from my new location in MARYLAND!!! I am so so so pissed though because it took so long to get myself up and running. I felt much like this woman in the picture above.

I lived in a hotel room with two small children for almost three weeks battling USAA over the closing date for the house and fighting people. Ok so for today I am going to talk badly about people who yell at other peoples children.


While in the motel, there was a bad storm (yeah we came back during a freaking hurricane). The power goes out in the hotel but since we were still waiting to close and it was the cheapest place in the area I did not want to leave, especially since power was out in various places all over town. My children were outside bored, no tv all the power was drained in the games they had they were tired of reading and we had nothing to color for them. A hotel worker drove by and gave the boys chalk to color on the ground outside. The boys were soooooo excited.

So in the morning we are dealing with the closing on the house and some more bad news when I look over and hear yelling, both my children were playing with legos and pretend driving because I told them to not draw anymore.  I turn around and SOMEONE IS YELLING AT MY CHILDREN!!! I become livid but I am instantly calm and I decide to handle it with grace and maturity.

But this is what I really wanted to say:

Bitch, if you ever dare yell at my children again I will take the beehive you have planted on your head and shove it so far down your throat it will take several surgeries and a couple of Priests to help you. I will stomp you into next week, meet you there and stomp you back. I will beat you so hard I will make you my color......the color of newly laid tar.

Eat it old lady.

But I didn't say that, I was nice and polite and removed myself and children from the hotel because I was not staying where someone was disrespecting me and my children. But let me tell you if I was a ghetto bitch it would have been on and poppin!

So remember everyone.......

Live long and Kick ass

P.S. Tomorrow I will be posting pictures of my new house and projects that have in the works and a new site I am totally in love with!!

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