Saturday, September 11, 2010

Retro Housewife Post # 3

Housekeeping books-

You would not freaking believe the amount of books there are out there for housekeeping. Why would I need a book about housekeeping you say? Well my mom (a housekeeping nut/guru) never let us kids handle anything more than the dishes and the clothes folding. So while she was constantly cleaning and screaming over the imaginary crumb that was on the counter, us children were running from her and hiding because we did not want to clean AGAIN.

So I am researching Housekeeping books and Housewife Guides because I am curious. What do these wives know that I do not know? How did they come to write these awesome guides about keeping house and families happy. Were they naturals? Or did they like me go through a transformation that required research and effort and motivation to accomplish. Today is usually the day I drive my family crazy with trying to clean house from top to bottom but decided that I want to get out of the house. My husband was special and slept all freaking day the day before and ended up staying up all night as a result. SO today he tries to go to sleep when he should be up because he has work tomorrow. He is totally going to regret going to sleep because I am not fighting him about it this time he falls asleep and does not get up he is shit outta luck.

So during my research I came across this book called the The Accidental Housewife that came along with a website. I will be ordering this book on tuesday along with the Martha Stewart Housekeeping book and several others you shall hear me speaking about at any given time within my blog.

Anyways the Accidental Housewife has something she calls sanity savers. These are suggestions to help us clean effectively without killing ourselves. One of these suggests calls for the pouring of soda down our toilets to help get rid of stains and mineral deposits. Anyone else look over at the soda they were drinking and wonder what the hell they were thinking? Because I know I was lol. Another trick that was given was tummy or denture tablets. So tomorrow I will be on a quest to see if these two ideas really work.

These two ideas got me to thinking....what other things do you use around your house that serves two jobs in your home?

Do you have a housekeeping book that has saved you or helped you in your quest? Let me know and I will buy it and review it! Until tomorrow! Happy Housekeeping!


  1. SUPER cute blog! I'm waiting in the mail on a book called "Do I Dust or Vacuum first?". I'll let you know how it is!

  2. No housekeeping books. But I google some blogs from now on!


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