Thursday, September 9, 2010

Retro Housewife Post #2

Tackling the Monster Ironing every week...

So my first that will take long term planning is to create and maintain a proper ironing area for my lovely home. I have been searching online for pictures of the ironing area I would like to establish along with researching the many lovely things I can find out about running a home in the 1950's. I have to tell you that there is an article out there that everyone keeps quoting that has been proven by snopes to be untrue. But for some reason everyone continues to act like this was what a housewife was told to do in home economics in the 50's. This article , says that a housewife needs to do all of these things to be considered a successful homemaker. It seems that when women want to make fun of the life that women in the 1950's lived this is the article that is chosen.

I will continue my quest to find more information on the lives of the Housewife in the 1950's it is apparent I will have to go old fashion and search the libraries instead for information.

I am very happy to say that during my quest I did find something totally awesome and that I wil be ordering when I am paid next week. The site is called The Happy Homemaker . On this site they sell starter kits that are just too cute, depending on how much you are willing to pay you are given many things to help you on your quest to become a successful housewife. But the most important part of this kit is the Guide. In this guide it explains how a successful Stay at home wife handled her home, cooking, cleaning and all from top to bottom. I am very interested in what lies between the covers of this Guide and can not wait to get my hands on this book.

Now back to my project....the perfect Ironing area for my home. I am not able to leave my iron out and I am unable to set it up in the laundry room because the laundry room is too small and there is not a plug in there for what I need.

So right now I fold clothes on my couch I have no specific place and my couch seems to be the safe haven for everything I have not gotten too. Here is a picture of what it currently looks like

What I want to do is add a small shelf in that area for laundry to go that has been ironed and folded. Our lack of closet space has made is necessary to fold much our clothing and stick it in the closet. So here is my laundry area I couldn't do a whole lot but I figured the may idea of it looking neat and nice were addressed and I now have somewhere to set the newly ironed clothes and place to fold the clothes that come from the dryer.

So what do you think is there anything else I could with this area?

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  1. Great post! I love the idea of being the perfect homemaker. though not reachable, i'd like to be at least halfway there haha. We have a huge laundry room, but I iron in my bedroom either at night or in the morning. My husband helps with folding, so we fold anywhere from the bedroom or the living area. Though we prefer to lock ourselves in the room to fold because the kids like to play in the clothes! haha. I will check that site out. I love hearing about women doing what i strive to do myself!


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