Thursday, September 9, 2010

Retro Housewife Post #1

So like most people I am unable to write if I do not have a clear point to make. Yesterday was an example of what can happen when my mind is left to wander on it's own. So after speaking to a good friend I decided that since I seem to be on a quest to become the best housewife I can be that I will document the progess I am making in my goal. This blog will tackle my efforts to organize, make friends, clean in an environmentally friendly way and to provide healthy meals for my family.

I will also research old housewife ways and post what I find out. I am actually very excited about doing this. I have actually found quite a passion in organizing and cooking and cleaning as of late and I am actually looking forward to the three years I will have off from the work force in which I will concentrate on all of these things for my family. Do not get me wrong I also plan on keeping my skills up by designing a volunteer program and when we move I will see if I can get it started where ever we are living if one like it is not already set up.

While this is my first post as I revamp myself and my blog tomorrow shall actually be the day that I begin the posting of Pictures of my house and my very first undertaking.

I think these past couple of months really showed me what I wanted out of life. Depression can do that to you. Along with the widening of your ass and the bags under your eyes. I worried over everything and still nothing changed but my player status in the games going on around me. In the end I finally gained a better understanding of who I am and how I want to live my life.

Which is how I ended up here in this moment in my life. On the verge of a major life overhaul. Listening to the voice inside of me that has been trying to tell me that what I thought I wanted was not what I really needed. I am not a church goer I have problems with going to church because I do not like meeting people who can speak of forgiveness and can not really give it. But I think that God has been what I have needed to get through my problems in the last month and I am glad that I was able to count on this presence in my life.

Now how is this suppose to help me make friends? I have no earthly freaking idea. But I have exhausted all methods and I have actually picked up some pretty cool chicks as friends in the last couple of months which has also helped me but because we are a military family we will move and I want to move with a clear way to make friends lol. So if any of you have any ideas for this especially since I will not be AS busy after December because my job will done.

So I am taking suggestions what should my first project be? Pictures of my house to be posted tomorrow. And thank you for sticking by me throughout my depressing period :). Let the Journey of the Retro Housewife begin!

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