Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Thoughts of Halloween

So I know two posts in one day...I know get a life right?


So I am thinking about Halloween and what to do and dress up as. Every year as tradition since I got to Germany I attend the Rocky Horror Picture Show. So I want to go again this year and I want to dress up like this

But I am unsure of if I should just wear this as a Halloween Costume or if I want to bring my inner nerd to the surface and go as this..

I mean not the recent version but the old school version the big hair and super short skirt and my boobs hiked to my chin. How does that sound? To me this sounds pretty freaking good. I wish I had a party or something to go too. I have not gotten down and boogied down at Halloween in six years. I was a cat and I might add a very hott and sexy cat. Went to a drag show and was told by several Queens that they had the same pair of boots in different colors. I said I would never wear the boots again but of course I love them and have not found any since that I have liked as much. I totally wish I had a picture of that costume :(.

So anyways what should we do for Halloween? What are you going to dress up as? Which person should I be. I have to tell you I am a major Trekkie!

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