Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Note to the Idiots

Here is a news articles that you can reference as I begin what I am sure has been a heated debate in many of the homes across the U.S. and outside of the U.S.

So as we sit and await this horribly stupid event, I have to ask why? Why do people think this is ok? Why do people not understand that the sins of radicals does not need to be visited on the group as a whole. Why is it ok to disrespect and demean a group of people?

Because of stupidity.

Stupid people who think that they are honoring Sept 11 victims by disrespecting a whole group of people who had nothing to do with a fraction that broke off and went rouge. Not only that, but now they have put my family in danger. I live outside of the U.S. what do you think it will be like travelling for me and my family. This was already something that was scary. But to travel after some Church in the U.S. has committed such a stupid act is going to be scary. Do they think this is going to stop the attacks on Americans?

Do they realize we have troops in the countries with the Muslim people? That these people are going to be in even more danger? That these attacks are going to escalate?

No these dumb asses have decided to put us all in danger to continue to make Americans targets. Why is it so hard for Americans to get past the hate? Our country is by far not the only country to be affected by unnatural hate for people or things or religions. But the fact that we can not even rise above it in the 21st century is deeply appalling to me.

So here is my message to the idiots:

All of you need to go the hell away. Leave the thinking to others and stop endangering people with the way you think!


Please tell me what you think :)