Monday, September 13, 2010

Retro Housewife Post # 4

When dealing with tips about how to keep a clean house do not ask your husband where your problem areas are in the house. It is not actually helpful. It will make you angry and cause you to fight because what you WANT to hear is that you have no problem areas and that you do an awesome job and that the problem actually lies with him because he does not help out enough.

Don't lie you know it's true.

So today I decided to try a magazine that we all know. Even if you have not picked it up to read it you know of this magazine. Good Housekeeping. There is a section called Do-it-all. In this section you are able to give and get advice from your fellow homemakers. (I want to point out that no matter if you work or not you are a homemaker if you try to provide a home for your family). This section is jam packed with hints and games and information that will help you to decorate and clean your home so that it too can look like the cover of a Good Housekeeping magazine.

Where has this magazine been all our lives? It has been lurking around on the shelves of every supermarket I have ever shopped in. This magazine has been around since 1885. That is a long time for household tips! But because they have been around for so long what they say holds a lot of weight for many homemakers. For good reason. The magazine has it's own research center which is how products are given the magazines seal of approval. This goes above and beyond what other magazines might do since usually public opinion is the way to get seals on products but this magazine tests the products. This bit of information actually changed my mind about products with the seal on it.

What does this little history lesson have to do with anything? Well in a time where fashion magazines and gossip rags are read and picked up left and right the art and science of keeping home and creating a family environment has fallen to the wayside, magazines that are devoted to the homemaker are becoming fewer and far between. This magazine has lasted for a long time and I felt with all the valuable information they have constantly that I just HAD to make sure it was known that this magazine existed. Click on the link visit the website explore the Research center, find out where the money goes when you buy this magazine see what tips they have to offer us has we are starting our trips into homemaking or for the seasoned veterans who thought they didn't need to learn anymore.

I thought that I didn't want to buy or read this magazine but today as I performed my tasks around the house and wondered about accents to pull the room together Do it yourself tips for creating awesome furniture from crap furniture and pulling meals that might have gone to hell back from the brink and creating master pieces. I think that I am going to toast Good Housekeeping and order a subscription to this magazine......

I mean it couldn't hurt....right?

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  1. I buy GH frequently, especially around the holidays for ideas. There are so many others, Check out martha stewart's mag, house beautiful, better home and gardens, the list goes on. We need to have coffee and a chat soon.


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