Monday, September 20, 2010

Retro Housewife Post # 5

Cooking like the 50's wife but in a short period of time.....

Today is my housewife day. By that I mean that I have a couple days a week where I have nothing to do outside of the house. So they become my housewife days.I started my day a bit late due to having to adjust my 'fro.

I had to get boys dressed, fed, their lunches made backpacks packed and have them complete the first five pages of their Chore books in an hour since I still needed to get gas for my car. (Seriously I was not sure I was going to make it to the gas station).

I did it though and I am hella proud of myself.

So I came home and remembered that I had not eaten anything so I ate a bagel and read some of my book and proceeded to clean the house. I have discovered that I work better when I divde up the house. So today was the front of the room, kitchen and and dining room. I also did some loads of laundry and prepped for dinner.

Which is what this post is all about.....Dinner

Tonight we had-

Pesto stuffed smoked pork loins, mac and cheese,and spiniach with olives goat cheese and peppers

I was asked for the recipe so I am going to post the link to the recipe for the chops. Mac and cheese is due to the lovely people at Kraft. Fresh spinach along with black olives light olive oil and goat or sheep cheese along with red and green peppers round out the meal. It was fairly easy and took 45 min to make it.

I have a better home and garden cookbook in which I make my fab foods. I know it may seem hard to prepare meals like this or that it may take too long but really a little planning during shopping and thinking a head will help make meals easier to manage and help you eat healthier in the long run. Both my boys loved dinner and ate all of their veggies. So I am proud to call this dinner a success.

I want to know what is your favorite dinner? What tweaks have you made lately in order to make dinners healthier or what helps you to plan your dinners?

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  1. I read through all my cookbooks. I plan based on my husband's PT schedule. Like I try to make sure we have a dinner that's light, though loaded with complex carbs the day before a PT day so he runs faster and moves better. I try to plan more fish and/or seafood, at least 2 meatless nights. And I am a from scratch gal...but everyone cheats!

    I plan my menues for a 2 week period and shop all at once, though I always forget something!


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