Friday, December 3, 2010

Homemaking.......Star Date 26

Cooking to cook-
I have this dream. I want to be able to cook from scratch effortlessly. I know this is a crazy dream. I mean really why in this day and age would I want to cook from scratch? Make my own pie crust? Turkey Gravy, Cream sauces, Chocolate Chip cookies. I mean really everything comes prepackaged and pre cooked what could possibly be the motivation to make anything when you can buy it all. Well my motivation is simply that I am me. I am me and the me that I am never takes the easy way out.

Well almost never I did get an epidural when I was giving birth to both my children. But I think that you have to realize that birthing children does cooking from scratch. I made a pumpkin pie again last night from the ground up. The only thing that I did not do was puree the pumpkin. I was excited I was confident and as I rolled the dough for the pie crust into a ball and with my Martha Stewart rolling pin rolled it out I became so involved with the project that I did not realize just how happy I had become with the whole process. That I had just spent three hours in my kitchen making dinner cleaning dishes (the husband helped me) and baking cookies and a pie and I was totally just in my element. I was dreaming about my dream kitchen and what it would look like.

In my dream kitchen I want it to be bright and inviting. Red and white cabinets and shelves with a bar. I want to hang my pans so they do not become scratched. I want to have spices in oils displayed around my kitchen and I want wines in a wine rack. I want a round dining room table with a side table to display pretty china. I want to hold dinner parties and cocktails.

Maybe I was born during the wrong era. I mean the things I want are hardly normal things to do now a days. And even if I was born during the wrong era I would hardly be able to do these things because I married a white man and made two mixed children. I wouldn't be accepted in either of the cultures that my husband and I come from. So maybe my place in the word is to make this small spot that I occupy a more accessible version of the today's Martha Stewart and the yesterdays Julia Child. I mean really we women do it all and while I would love to have Martha's resources I simply don't I need to be able to deal with my house my children and husband while trying to be the best domestic arts engineer in the world....or for my family. So I go to school full time on line I teach children music and I clean house bake and cook meals that make my family want to eat and make myself happy.

So my dream is to make food from scratch constantly with confidence and to be the black Martha Stewart. Cause really it would be kind of cool to have a domestic engineer out there who looks like me and who can say with a smile on her face.....

I burned my cookies today but they were still good :)

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Live long and Dream big.


  1. I love this post. There is a real feeling of triumph when you cook from scratch and your family loves it! I also love knowing that I'm giving my kids better-for-them food (less preservatives, etc). It sounds like you are a very busy mom, but you are doing a great job!

  2. I love cooking from scratch. It is an amazing feeling rolling pie crust, kneading bread dough, smelling the spices that goes into a meal, chopping the whole lot! Keep going girl! You're doing great


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