Saturday, November 27, 2010

Homemaking.......Star Date 25

My Cabinets and I....

I rearranged my cabinets it was awful. I threw out four bags of crap. I refused to take pictures of the crap...seriously it was very very scary! But here are the Before pictures of my project...

As you can see there I have many many things in this cabinet and it makes it hard to grocery shop when there are so many things in the cabinet but then most them were past the expiration date anyway.
and here are the after pictures

Now I know all over the internet are rules for how to set up your cabinets but really it is up to you to find a pattern of organization that works for you. What do you use the most...the least? What do you need to have easy access to? What can you store on a high shelf? Think about all of these questions when adjusting your cabinets.

As I was adjusting my cabinets I started thinking about how much I love going out and letting off steam with friends. I am a huge advocate for women remembering that they are not just mothers that they are also women. They have thoughts feelings hobbies before they had children and after. Remembering to continue your own learning and hobbies is very important when you add on the hat of Mother to the other hats you already wear like Wife Housewife and any other hat you may happen to wear.

I have hobbies that I like to do and I have times when I need to take a break and go to have a glass of wine with friends and get all gussied up and prettified because I need to remember that I am still capable of doing things outside of the house and kitchen.

I think when we come across moms who make you feel bad for wanting the break for going out with friends you doubt if you are doing the best you can. But I ask you ...

Are you singing Elmo's theme song while your children are at school?

When you cut the tv on is the first channel you see the Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, or Sprout...PBS?

Do you own any clothing without stains?

Do you say Potty even when you have no children with you?

Do you visit the children section for movies before the grown movies even with no children with you?

Do you look at the children's menu before the adult menu?

If you said yes to all of these you need a break if you said yes to one of them take a freaking break. There is a name for women who make you feel like shit for needing time away from the house and kids and time out with the girls they are called Santimommies.

Don't let the Santimommies get you...the next time one says "Well I don't need time off I had all the time I needed before I had children" Bean her in the head with a bottle of jack.....

Until tomorrow...

Live Long and Take many breaks :)


  1. Girl I've gone weekends without my little ones. I knoiw how you feel. Luckily I don't know any moms who make you feel bad for wanting to hang out. I don't go out much, but I enjoy it and encourage others.

    Love your cabinets!!!

  2. BEST POST! i find myself singing toopy binoo songs... or "who's frightened of the storm?!" by big and small lol!

  3. I said yes to all. My cabinets are never that full! I hate to shop with the kids! Thanx for the follow! I like your style!

  4. Okay, now I feel bad because I really need to clean out MY cabinets. But I wholeheartedly agree about mothers needing friends and hang out time. I always find it recharges my batteries.


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