Friday, November 26, 2010

Homemaking.......Star Date 24

Thanksgiving....Star Date 2010

Yesterday I did something I have not done in five years....I forgot to take a picture of my Turkey. I am besides myself with grief I want to throw myself to the floor and throw a tantrum like the one my two year old is currently throwing as we speak. But I won't....only because I do not have that stamina.

So this whole week I have been on the verge of a mental and physical break down as I apporach the end of my semester in school. I had several projects due this week and was busy putting finishing touches on all of them. Which is why there has been a serious lack of writing on the blog of late. I was very tired and before last night averaged about 8 hours of sleep in the whole week.

The night of thanksgiving I was too overwhelmed with the amount of work I had to do and decided that I would get up after only eight hours of sleep to clean and cook. I was sucessful in getting the turkey I was donating to my husband job done and out the door by 10 and out turkey in the oven by 1030. By 8 I had baked a Devils Food Cake and a Pumpkin Cake completely from scratch. My first time EVER! I was beyond proud of myself. Everything I made for Thanksgiving I made :) I know this shouldn't seem like a big deal but when I decided to start this project and record it I did not think I would make it to Thanksgiving with the goal I had. But it was pretty cool to see that I was actually capable of getting it all set up and nice looking.

My projects not only included food but my table layout. Martha Stewart has tons of good ideas and being a Housewife is not just about the ability to cook and clean it is about decorating and the ability to entertain. Things that sometimes fall by the way side. I am proud of what I was able to accomplish and I hope that it came out as nice as I thought they were.

The first thing was to decorate the table. I do not have a lot of money to spend and table runners can sometimes be expensive. So I decided that I would get a table runner that could be used for both Christmas and Thanksgiving and matched the decor already set in the house. I also have a problem with my chairs...Nathan and Lucas. My children have destroyed my chairs over the years and they are not presentable. So what I did was create makeshift chair covers. These covers were made out of extra fabric I had laying around the house from sewing projects. They were designed to hide and shift focus from the ruined chairs.

Now after setting up my table cleaning my house I had to clean the boys and get them ready to presentable when company came over. I was so excited because they were awesome when they came over. They colored pictures and then after we ate and watched a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving we played the Kinect and then Lips. I was a little tipsy by the end and I learned a very valuable lesson...Three hours of sleep and a bottle of wine does not keep you awake. My husband was disappointed...but that is another story for another day :).

For now I am thankful that I was able to put on a good thanksgiving and that I was able to have such a good time after a very stressful week. I hope everyone else had an awesome Thanksgiving as well!

Until tomorrow

Live long and be thankful.


  1. Everything looks beautiful, Tessie!!! That cake looks perfect. Sucks you didnt get the turkey, but everything else looks amazing. Your boys are adorable, of course!
    I hope everything with school goes well. You're a supermom!

  2. LOL!! I always forget to take a picture of my turkey... usually end up with half-eaten-turkey shots instead lol!

  3. Your table looks beautiful and your kids are so cute. Looks like you have everything under control!:) My daughter's B-day is on 26th(today) so I had literally 4h of sleep in 2 days:).. chaotic with a Thanksgiving dinner and her was crazy:))


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