Sunday, October 31, 2010

Retro Housewife Post # 12

The Thanksgiving Menu-

So the first week of Nov is coming up and I have to prepare for the Thanksgiving dinner. I want to have a nice dining room and living room set up for company to come over.

So I went to my leader's page (Martha Stewart) to follow her down the path of the perfect Thanksgiving.....but I was shocked to the point of a near break down

as I realized that Martha's food was not what I wanted to eat on the day I am allowed to pretend gluttony is not a sin. This means that I will have to be creative all on my own and not be a follower.

Ok I can do this...I got this shit! Lets go!......I am drawing a blank. Ok not a total blank because there is a thing down. Then I decide to just pull my childhood thanksgiving from my back pocket and own it! So without further is my menu.....

Roast Turkey stuffed with garlic and onions with bacon under the skin

Collard greens with ham hock

mashed potatoes and gravy

corn on the cob

corn bread


String bean casserole

Macaroni and Cheese

for dessert there will be

Apple Pie and Pumpkin Pie.

I was also scanning food blogs recommended by my friends and found a recipe for something chocolate and good for me that I must try out and possibly make and then destroy with a side of ice cream :).

Since Martha could not give me my menu I decided that she just HAD to help me make a pretty table. So this is the way I want the table to look:

I like this table because it simple and easy to set up and break down and limited ways for the boys to destroy it before the dinner happens.

I am seriously hoping that I am able to get this all pulled together especially since I can take new pictures of everything with my new pretty camera :).

Here's to you Kid!

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  1. You are funny! If I had to prepare for a company one perfect dinner, well..I don't know what to tell you :)) it would probably break me down:))
    My advice, try cooking some meals in advance and freezing them, like collard greens, or apple pie or strudel.
    Good luck! :))

  2. Hi,

    A funny post...Love the way you write...:)Cheers...:)


  3. Check out the Pioneer Woman's thanksgiving recipes. She had a sweet potato recipe a few days ago that made me drool... I'll be making that this year! :)

  4. Good Luck with your Thanksgiving Dinner. One day I want to have my own too, I need to buy a dinning table for our dinning room first. We are off to my mom's for Thanksgiving.


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