Monday, November 1, 2010

Retro Housewife Post # 13

How about a new name to go along with that new face?

Ok first thing first.....I am up this late because of homework...I should also be doing said homework like RIGHT now but I am not because I am going to bed after this post and I don't care who knows it! But my friend and I were trying to brainstorm names for my blog because I am taking this blog thing serious, I am going all the way with this shit baby!!

Alright now that I am done sounding like a steroid pumping jock....I decided that I needed to come up with a new name because well Falling Flat does not quite go with the new theme or face of my blog and since I am all about matching (what girl is not?) I needed something that Fit my Personality.

What is your personality? You say? Well I am a nerd trapped in a thick body.....NOT FAT! Thick, thank you very girls like their asses to be raised like a muffin :).

So anyway I keep getting off track. There is already someone out there called Retro Housewife....and we have totally different views on life...EPIC. So what do you call a girl nerd who loves Star Trek and is practicing the fine art of being a housewife? Nothing there is no name for that. It's weird. It's the twilight zone. (I can't call it that, there are copyright problems...yes I might have checked) But what is true is that for me Being a housewife is MY Final Frontier. It is the unexplored area of my life that I am currently spending much time exploring.

So Ladies and maybe some gents.....The name of my blog with the help of Jen is...(Drum Roll!).......

Homemaking....My Final Frontier.....Be know you are.

I shall go back to bed with the knowledge that I am clever.

Tomorrow I will post about my new hero....she will be working side by side with my other leader Martha Stewart.......

Homemaking.....My Final Frontier Star date 14


  1. I'm new to blogging and I'm trying to be serious with it, like you. I'm so look forward to reading your blog.


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