Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Final Frontier Star date 15

Dinner with the Ragans!-

I have spent the day cleaning and cooking. My day starts with oversleeping past 6am which was the time I wanted to get up and clean the house. That totally did not happen and I have no idea why I thought it would. Any ways. I came home after taking the kids to school and started dinner so that it could go in the crock pot. I present you with a photo op moment of my journey in making COQ AU VIN!

Nathan Enjoying the dinner

Finished Product!

What it looked like in the crock pot

The bed of Mushrooms and onions the chicken sat on.

Everything used.

I got this recipe from the Budget dinner cook book by Good Housekeeping.

Now about my new co leader. I was introduced to her by one of my friends. The Pioneer Woman. I love her site and her pictures and everything. Because of this I have made her my co leader with Martha Stewart. I hope they work well together because I can not lose them. I need direction!

I was given an idea by another friend about doing up a blog on WHY women want to go back in time and do the retro housewife thing. But I am wondering if maybe the way housewives were portrayed are what people are trying to recreate or if they are trying to recreate what their parents or grandparents did. I really did like the idea and while I am not big on giving history lessons I think this would make an interesting post. So a shout out to Brandy for the great idea and to Joy for introducing me to the Joy's of the pioneer woman.....Sorry Joy, I just really like your makes me jump for Joy. Alright I am done I promise!

Until tomorrow Live Long and Mop Hard.

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  1. Love the finished product. Recipe and proportions cant be shared?:)

  2. Hi Tessie! Ooh, Cog Au Vin is a major undertaking. I would do it, but I am a vegetarian (smile). Yours looks so delicious though, and Nathan is adorable. I would never throw one that cute into my cauldron...;-)

  3. Stella-You wait until Nathan smiles at you after doing something evil...throwing him in a cauldron is something I can't do so I doubt anyone can look at those big brown eyes and do it lol.

    Coolblogger-We ate all the food lol nothing left to share but I did manage to find the link to the recipe because I am madly lazy about reposting recipes the numbers confuse me and make wanna break down in a weep:)It's not too hard but I think I will try the real one here soon!

  4. Coq au vin is delicious. I think I've only ever attempted it once. Yours looks great.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such lovely comments!

  5. Hey Tess!I LOVE the new look! Oh, and dinner looks great! Sorry I misse it :)

  6. LOL, I just saw the shout out. THANKS! And glad you like the Pioneer Woman. She RAWKS! :D


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