Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Homemaking.......Star Date 16

Adventures in Knitting...the modern approach!-

So today my boys are sitting here watching Toy Story 3. They are telling us that they would like every toy in the movie. I am feeling unreasonably like they are ungrateful heathens...why you ask? Because I just dropped over 200 dollars on their Christmas gifts. So I am expecting a five and two year old to realize that I might have just spent this money on them and to act grateful...not too hit cry whine and be in general annoying during the movie...I am special I admit that...I am also on the wrong side of exhausted. So clear thinking are not things I am going to be doing.

I decided that instead of a serious post about being a Housewife I am going to break down the domestic arts into whatever I am working on right now. For right now it's called the Knitting. I am currently in the middle of Knitting a blanket.

Ok, so I am not totally sure that what I am making will be a blanket when I am done. I was trying to figure out what exactly happened to knitting and sewing and these domestic arts. These things use to be taught to girls (and if taught by an enlightened mother, sons) before they left home because it was taught to be a necessary skill. Should we go back to that? I was actually being taught to sew by my grandmother....

She can't boil fat lotta good that did me.

Here are pictures of my project and I will post more as I do more.

I am going t admit that I am so tired I want to stab the knitting balls with the needles....which makes no sense because what damage can they do to the thread but maybe splitting the thread.

So I wanted to find vintage pictures of knitted wear because what would life be without Cosby sweaters?

Notice the way he is not ashamed of his knitted wear. The way he smiles and dares you to like "Bitch...laugh" But we won't dare laugh...because he is in the knitted sweater and we all know that crazy men wear the knits.....but I digress.

Knits are back in style...learn to knit like me!!

Live Long and Knit Blankets

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  1. i knit on and off. it's hard with the young ones. they destroy everything. my son's grandmother is helping me and another friend of mine is knitting scarves for the little ones. awesome.


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