Saturday, November 6, 2010

Homemaking.......Star Date 17

Homemaking when there are children involved.......

So I today was a very busy day. As I get up at 8am to clean my house

and Feed and dress my children I began to wonder...why the hell can't my house stay clean for more than a day? I am constantly cleaning, doing laundry and mopping floors. And yet my house looks messy several hours after I have cleaned it up. I have discovered three culprits. Their names are
Nathan "NO!" Bandit

His Partner Lucas "I CAN DO IT!!" Theif

But the biggest one of them all is named Joe "I DON'T WANT TOO!" Daddy. Not a big deal in the grand scheme of things I guess. But it got me to thinking about the subject of titles. We label everything now a days and give the titles jobs that are associated with them. So My title is then....Housewife...but then I maybe called a Stay At Home Mom by other people.

What jobs are included in such titles? A housewife is someone whose sole job is to take care of the house cook, clean, bake and all of that jazz. But now why would a Stay At Home Mom also be given all these jobs on top of caring for young children alone without the benefit of extra help? What if I lay claim to both titles because I care for the house AND the children? Would I be less of a person if I didn't give my house that much attention and expected my husband to help me out?

What about women who only stay home to spend time with their children and have a cleaning service for the house *dude such a dream of mines!* Are they not true stay at home moms because they have given a massive amount of work over to someone else so they can spend time with their children?

Why do we need these titles anyway? Why can we not just be wifes and moms and do the jobs and run our houses the way that makes us and our families happy?

It because we have become too wrapped up in what others think of us which is just wrong on many levels. I think this is something we as women need to stop doing to ourselves and each other. I am not supermom I am just a woman doing her jobs and trying to do it to the best of her ability.

What do you think?

Live long and think hard!

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  1. Hey Tessie, I love this post. And I agree with you about the 'titles' thing. Over the past few years, I've made it a point to no longer ever ask people things like 'what do you do?' or 'where are you from?'. Some people have argued with me saying that I'm rude if I don't ask things like that as if I'm showing a lack of interest. Note the use of the word 'argument'. I feel that the true reason people ask these questions is so they can judge others. So, rude or not, I'm going to sit and talk to a new person about the weather or politics, not what they do for a living or where they are from, etc. I don't need to be in the habit of judging and formulating opinions about people based on superficial thoughts and social ideals...
    Anyway, sorry for writing a novel here and great post!


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