Sunday, November 7, 2010

Homemaking.......Star Date 18

Julie and Julia the reason I blog-

So Julie and Julia came on the the tv today and I was watching the character Julie try and find meaning in her life and to find something she was passionate about. Every time I see this movie it occurs to me that I was once this way. I was searching for something, a hobby outside of what I want to do as a career, that I would be passionate love with..and then it happened I thought I had found it.

Roller Derby. I was so excited got everything together and then life happened and it fell through. Don't feel sad I don't any longer. I mean I still have a yearning to try it floating around inside of me. I would love to have at least one derby injury but I can't play here. So I do what I do when a door closes in my face...I pick another door and explore it and see if I can adapt and overcome.

So after the horrible loss of the new hobby I went through a depression (if you read my blogs before the housewife blogs you will see when depression began.) I need something to help me through my bad times I need something that I can focus on when shit in my life is going horribly wrong. I lost that and I couldn't seem to build myself back up, get on even footing again....

Julie and Julia, I finally watched, I mean REALLY watched this movie. I finally understood what I was missing. I love reaching out and sharing I love cooking and learning new skills. I love writing. I may not be good at any of these things but they are things that I would like to be good at doing. I want to be great at something that I can call my own. This blog is something I can call my own. I have put a lot of thought into this blog and time. I am very happy that I am finally able to do something I like, love even.

I feel like I this was the thing I was missing. I am not sure if this is what other blog writers feel like when they discover that they love keeping a record of their adventures and projects. But for me this is what it was like.

I just thought that since it is Sunday and I am gathering up my reserves for my projects for the week today I would use as a day of reflection. Julie and Julia served as the catalyst for my public creativity. Watching this blog grow will be awesome for me but I think the biggest thing I will enjoy is having a record and people to share in the record of the ups and downs of the people that I simply can't live without.....

Hope you invite your friends to join in the ride I an planning on taking.....

Live long and Welcome to my neighborhood.

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  1. must watch this movie!! i did not find my passion until after i had children.

  2. I too am enjoying the journey that is food-blogging, so I understand where you are coming from. Hobbies and interests are important, and if they can bring a little joy to another person out there in cyberspace, all the better!


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