Friday, September 23, 2011

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Death of the Soap Operas

funny pictures history - I wish I could have sex without having to have a conversation first.

I have interrupted this regular scheduled blog for a funeral announcement. A death has occurred on the tv. All My Children died today. It will be making an appearance on the web but it will no longer be on tv. We will no longer be watching :

"Are you my babies daddy?"
"You shouldn't have slept with him"
"I died five times and came back all five of them"
"Who are you? You are not the same person who played this character last week you are tan and tall... or black."
"I am pretending to look at my twin but I am really looking at thin air because I play my own twin"
"I am a jet black person whose father is lily white but in an effort to add color to the family we hired a black actor to play a long lost family member"
"You slept with every family member and now you want to marry into it but we won't call you a hoe...."
"I think I love you and your sister it will take me two months to decide"
and last but not least

"I just married you but now the real love of my life has appeared and I can't stop myself from shagging them in our bed over the next couple of months until you catch me while tip toeing through your own house and peek through the door and then keep it to yourself for two more months"

If you have any more feel free to add them. I fought with someone over these soap operas. I didn't mean too I was trying to stay positive and say that maybe ABC would stop being so stupid and bring them back from the internet. This fight went like this:
"Maybe they will gain a new audience...."
funny pictures history - Just give it the $3.50!

Lesson I have learned is to never try and cheer up Soap fans.

Live Long and boycott ABC and CBS :)

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