Sunday, March 21, 2010

Rothenburg USO trip

So I took the boys on a USO tour and it was awesome! The boys were so good during the trip *except at lunchtime and I know they were acting up then because when I took them to the bathroom my hair was standing on end from fighting with them. Literally. The boys had tons of fun looking around at stuff. we went through a Church. My Nathan is a very tactless child asked me what building we were at. I say "It's a Church, Baby",he says "Hmmm I don't like Church!," it was very loud people stopped to look. I of course just tell him to hush and rush him pass the scandalized looks of all the believers. Now I am part of the believer crowd but I don't believe in shoving it down others throat to get them to convert them or anything. The best way to talk to someone about religion is through respect. You catch Honey better that way. All the Honey I want is respect for what I believe, the same I give to them. Anyways, Nathan was horrified by "the man on the sticks" "Whats wrong with him," My children whispered staring at Jesus on the Cross. "He got in trouble."

We visited a Christmas Musuem...yes there is a such thing. Apparently the Kathe Wolfhart store exist from this location. They have this old school car with fake presents on top that rides around picking people up to take to their store. My boys were in love with the Christmas store. I had to constantly tell Nathan to keep his hands in his pockets.

I ate a fab German lunch of sausage potatoes and veggies along with the boys. I walked from 10:30am until 3:30 pm with the 45 min lunch break. Nathan did awesome because I brought the little stroller because of how small the doors and stores are and Nathan walked the entire time. I plan on taking them on many other USO tours because the people were so so nice. The tour guides helped me on and off the bus with the boys and gave me hints about travelling.

Everyone was a bit shocked I traveled without Joe though.There were several other families with small children on the bus...which made me feel better. But they all had their Significant others with them. I was told by everyone that I was so brave and all. I didn't feel brave I just felt like I was doing something that I would have done with hubby but was unable because of military commitments. I was told over and over that I was a good mother. Which made me feel weird lol because my kids were being awesome for once in their lives and I wasn't sure I should take credit for them having a good day. I made sure they had things to do and to eat on the bus I talked to them and told them where we were going and answered their questions when they asked. All things I do on a regular. It is nice to be told that your doing a good job though.

I loved the tour and I loved being able to take a nap with the boys on the bus ride. I would take the USO Tour to Holland if it was cheaper but I will be driving!! So look out for pictures of that. The boys also want to take pictures of their adventures so I will be buying them cameras and posting their pictures also.

Speaking of pictures I couldn't locate my camera so I asked Nathan to bring it to me cause I just KNEW he had it. I have evidence of the bad things they do before I take them to school in the morning on my camera. So yeah leave comments :)

P.S. The Disney Sweater is freaking bulky!

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