Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Falling Flat Post 12

So it's been awhile since I posted. I have been busy trippin out and doing homework and not getting any sleep. The boys and I have a busy month coming up and I want to try and make sure that I finish strong in all my classes right now. I am currently in the process of making a schedule for the boys and I to follow for the rest of the time Joe is gone. Hopefully it will help me to not feel so out of control.

This month we begin saving for Nathan's private school. We almost ran in to a bump in the road because I was told I couldn't get him speech help from the school if he went to a private school. But we figured out how to work within the rules and get Nathan some help. I would have hated making this decision for him to only have it come crashing down around my ears because of a little thing. I know most people do not understand why we are choosing to go this route with Nathan but I think he will be happier in a smaller classroom.

I am so excited about moving back to the states or just anywhere at all next year! Just thinking about moving to a new place makes me smile like a jack o lantern! I mean I will be able to start a business no more school and I will be in charge. I love love the thought of me running my own business. It makes so much sense for me. I am not a total anti social person but I like being in charge. I feel out of control when I am not the one making the decisions...totally freaks me out because I obsess over decisions and wonder if the right ones are being made or if something will come back to bite me in the ass later. The only thing that makes me relax is for me to be in charge lol.

So like I said before I opening an in home preschool. I have been going over curriculum's and prices materials and the cost to open one up and trying to figure out how much space I would actually need. I am compiling websites for fun ideas to do with kids and projects working on lesson plans. I am actually having a lot of fun! If you have any ideas let me know!

So my adventures in cooking kind of stalled out there for a min when I was freaking out and dealing with a lot but I am back on the horse. Last night I made individual Sicilian meat loaves. They were just awesome. The boys called them krabby patties and ripped them apart so I did not correct them. I also made Oatmeal chocolate chip cherry cookies. They came out so so good!!!

I am getting a damn electric mixer though because I nearly broke my hand trying to stir the batter! Dinner might not look all that good in the picture but it was damn delicious let me tell you!

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