Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Put Together

So I am totally being a thief and stealing this subject from a debate group I am part of. It's a secret so I won't tell you where..... lol. Anyway we are talking about the put together mother. Are you a mother who gets up in the morning and gets dressed and makes sure you look like your leaving the house even if you are not? If you do not get up and get dressed the way you did before you were married with children do you feel bad?

I get up most mornings and make an effort to get dressed up. I want to make myself feel good because on the days when I do not make an effort when my hair looks like a birds nest when I am walking around in sweats not wearing a bra and looking like I was hit by a mac truck I feel like shit. So maybe I am shallow because I depend on a daily beauty regiment to make myself feel good about myself. Or maybe I realize that no one can keep daily maintaince on my self-esteem but moi. I mean how can I expect others to make me feel good about myself? Why is that their job. Do you respect people who look like slobs in banks or retail jobs? What about school teachers? Why should Mothers be any different? Even when I have a child who wipes their nose on me or their hands you can see that I made an effort to get up and get dressed and at least TRY.

But I don't just do it for me...I do it for my husband. I will admit it. The most important person in my life I still dress for. I still look at myself in the mirror before he comes home to make sure I look cute for him I think about if he will like the outfit that I decide to wear and if it will make him want to throw me down on the couch like before we had children. (Just FYI he still attempts to throw me on the couch but we have lil people the ruin the mood :) ) I think he appreciates the fact that I try for him and I appreciate the fact that he tries for me. So really can you look down on the women who have on full battle paint and heels with their children who more likely than not look just as put together as they do?

What do you think?


  1. I have a daily beauty regime, but's for me to stop complaining about how I look! I'l admit, if I'm sticking around the house, I'll most likely look like a bum and some days smell like one to. My husband is very tolerant haha. But 'ell even when I leave the house sometimes I'm not looking my greatest. As long as I used my "special soaps" as my son calls them, brushed my teeth and am wearing a hat or have my hair looking halfway decent, I feel perfectly fine.

  2. I made myself get up early to make my hair look pretty lol I looked in the mirror yesterday after picking up the boys from school and looked very very scary...seriously lol


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