Friday, April 2, 2010

Another Stolen topic

Let's Live Together!!

How many of you lived with your hubbies or wives before you got married? I know I did. Actually see what had happened was I asked him to come over to watch a movie and he kinda just never went home. He came and he STAYED!!! But it did not seem weird to me. When he mentioned going home and not staying with me is when I felt like it was odd. Like there was a piece missing. So then I get knocked up and we still don't get married but he does still live with me and shares in the bills and such. We made a life together before we took our steps down the aisle. Was that wrong? Are we horrible sinners who don't deserve to grace the steps of a church? I don't think so. But then again I am not going to judge others because it is not my place to judge the decision to live with someone out of wedlock.

So let continue the discussion . Why would people decide to live with someone but not marry them? I think there are many different reasons. But the biggest one I think of....They are not ready to get married. How many people get married just because they think they should because they were made to feel guilty or dirty for their decision to live with someone? We want to lay the high divorce rate at the feet of the people who decide to co habitat before marriage but why can't you look deeper than this surface problem. What about the fact that divorce and marriage are not taken seriously how about that. I don't think that has anything to do with co-habitation the argument could even be made that people who co-habitat before marriage could take their vows more seriously than those who do not co-habitat before marriage. Don't like that generalization? I don't either.

There are no clear cut answers to this questions and I think it is silly to wonder about such things I got a better debate....

Why do the really just model cute guys end up being bad in bed? I mean really, either they are bad in bed or you can't locate the equipment. In any case the meeting was unsatisfying for you on many levels and he struts around acting like he is a stud when you can't even put a notch on your bed post because you can't be sure the encounter took place.

I say nothing from experience of course I was a virgin when I was married. Made Nathan from immaculate conception.

Then you have the guys that have too much going on in the shorts they know it and they are heartbreaking assholes. Makes you sad that you didn't just stick with the other guy. I think I will begin putting up my horrid tales of my dating life. When I tell people they seem to get a kick out of the tales I have.

Like the time I let this guy take me out for drinks and we ended up getting propositioned by a couple. The guy was so excited the table damn near came off the ground....hells no was I not doing that!! I think he went alone...ew. Seriously my only normal date would have to be my husband just proof that I was suppose to marry him.

I maybe giving too much away about myself but I mean really it's not like ya'll don't know I am freaking crazy in the first place. Ok so what I want you to is to give me a topic you would like me to talk about next and I will do it :) until next time,

:) Live Long and Prosper

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