Thursday, April 8, 2010

Letter to the WBC

Dear WBC,

You are the most disgusting piece of humanity. You call yourselves God fearing as you march around the country spewing hate and nasty at every turn. Instead of drawing more people into even just LOOKING at God you turn them away and turn them off with your messages of God Hates this or God Hates That. I find myself disgusted with your very existence.

Why do you think that God would approve of your messages? Why do you think you are doing ANYTHING remotely good with your hate? Do you even read the bible or do you search the internet for common passages and twist their meanings? If you read the bible and actually FELT the bible or had any real relationship with God I do not believe that you would dare to confront GRIEVING people at the funerals of their loved ones.

How dare you show up to what is a persons last time to say their goodbyes to people they loved and respected who they will never see again and destroy that time by chanting nasty, dirty Godless things to them. How dare you tell them their loved one deserved their fate or that they are hated. Do you know that at a time when someone would feel their closest to God you could be leading them away. That is not something that is helping God.

But since your probably not going to understand something as sincere or as nice sounding as what I just said here I am going to go on and say it in a way that maybe you will get.

I despise you with every fiber of my being. You are the grossest piece of trash and you run around telling everyone that they deserved the bad things happen to them when you have everyone in the known world wondering when something evil will befall you. You think your being spurred on by God but the Devil has got you by the Short hairs.

I hope that one day there is a way that legally someone is able to stop from spreading your hate. Until then you had better hope that you continue to avoid the people that dislike you enough to spend the night in jail. Because I have a feeling that someone out there hates you that freaking much and is willing to go to jail just to punch one of you in the nose.

I think I would....Gotta make sure I got a babysitter first.


A little black girl who loves gay people, military people and thinks all sinners are lovely and no one deserves to be approached by the stupid church from hell.

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