Sunday, April 18, 2010

Paris or Bust!

I went on my long awaited birthday trip to Paris on Saturday. I was so so excited! I mean this is one of the most awesome cities in the world and I was actually going to be standing in the middle of it. It was nothing like I imagined it.

It was more than I imagined. Every time I turned around there were designer outfits and bags perfumes and cologne. I rode the metro to the Eiffel Tower and to the Notre Dame. The city is huge and if I want to see everything I am going to have to go back and stay longer than a day. I was in love with the city from the moment I set eyes on it.

I have to tell you I have not seen so many professional street artist, people selling merchandise or gypies in my life. We had one person come up to us and asked us if we spoke english. The moment she said it something in the back of my mind niggled but I couldn't quite remember what I was suppose to know the moment she asked this question of us. She pulled out her paper for us to read and I suddenly got very interested in the artist and what she was drawing. Then it hit me. That is what they do. They run around with papers with fake sob stories asking if people can speak english and try and have them give them money. So anyways I am glad I bought advanced tickets to the Eiffel Tower because the lines to get inside were crazy and not only that but I would have had to hike up the stairs which would have sucked big time! So we go up in a lift and step out of the lift and I am immediately hit with the most beautiful site EVER!

Tell me that is not the most beautiful sight ever.. I was so excited about looking out over this. So after we are done looking out over the Eiffel Tower we head to the Notre Dame. You walk in and you see and FEEL the worship that took place the love that people over the years put into the place. It was amazing to see the statues and the areas that still have orginal paintings up inside of it. The outside itself was just breathe taking. I saw a performer dressed up as a hunchback his friend was on the side of me watching me take a picture of my friend Sommer....I got the shit scared out of me.

People sit outside and eat here for lunch. You know how awesome it would be to just sit and eat here?

So anyways we went and drank wine and ate dinner at an awesome little restaurant we sat outside and ate es cargo and a large French Salad and drank red wine and it was just a beautiful day and I got a little liquored up and fell down some stairs lost my parking pass got my car locked at the garage and my other car wouldn't start. But look at those pictures lol that made the last part worth going through.

Thank you Sommer for going with me!!!

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