Saturday, July 31, 2010

Past, Present, Future Hair

So as a child I was one of the few children who had natural hair. By Natural hair I mean I did not have hair with a relaxer or weave. My hair was long and generally to the middle of my back when a hot comb was put to it. Which I will admit was not often. When I say hot comb, I mean the old school, 'heat up on the stove worry if you move your mom is going to burn the living shit out of your head and you are going to end up with a comb burn mark on your forehead' type hot comb. I use to HATE getting the hot comb taken to my head. But I had to choose. Easy to comb hair or crying as my mother try to take back the comb my hair would swallow. I chose to sit very still and pray my mom had the steady hands that day to prevent me from going to school looking crazy.

As I got older I started trying to have more say so over my hair. My mom is not known for being able to let go of something she feels she should be able to control. So when I joined the military I had not been doing my hair alone that often and I was prone to mess ups and bad hair days. It was not until I had my first son I got enough nerve to cut my hair. I also applied a relaxer. FREEDOM. I was able to cut my hair short and not have a puff halo around my head. But I did not like relaxing my hair that often. The chemical smell scared me and I did not want actually have the stuff on my head that often so I only applied maybe two a year...if that.


My hair is short and I can not remember the last time I got a relaxer. My hair is puffy and fluffy and all over the place. I even cried when my hair ate my comb and I had to retrieve it from the fluffy depths of hell. I have decided to loc my hair. I have been thinking about it for awhile and then I just decided to take the leap. So I thought the most fun I could have would be to write about my journey along with all my other life problems and goals. Hopefully this choice will not backfire on me and I end up looking crazy lol. :)

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