Friday, October 29, 2010

Retro Housewife Post # 11

The things I do at home alone-

So I am feeling sorry for myself....I was suppose to go somewhere and can't and I am now wallowing in self-pity at feeling like an outsider. So I decided to do up a blog :).

Alright so to make myself feel older than I already feel I decided that tonight after I complete homework I am going to get started on a couple projects here is a listing of them....

Make Your Own Stupid Sock Creatures-
I was in the bookstore when I shouldn't be...cause I own a Kindle and I am suppose to stay away from my addiction...anyways I was in the bookstore trying to find the cleaning book I want to use for this blog...when I spotted the Creatures. I have been in love with them since I discovered the make your own Sock Monkey kit a couple years ago but was too broke to buy it. So with my limited sewing skills and my extra small attention span I shall be attempting to make a Creature. I will be documenting the trip I take through the needle, thread and fluff. I have to say though the striped socks they came with look awesome and I kinda wanna wear them.....

Next project would be...Knit A Blanket-

I bough two colors of baby soft yard at three dollars a pop. They are red and black. I want too make a pretty knit blanket...for whom I am unsure of that as of yet but I do want to do it and I want it to look like this....

But I am not this good yet so I will be knitting a simple blanket and hoping I actually finish it. These are actually fairly easy to make and if you have the time you could get these out as Christmas Gifts.

Last but not least a Household improvement-

My house is cluttered not that I want it to be but with two children it's bound to happen. I need to declutter and create clean lines in my house. Without clutter the ability to run my home smoothly is something I can not turn my back on. So the first thing I think I will do is to throw out all old toys and to clear out all closets and cabinets and to create a storage space in the closet for all our projects or just maybe a coat room. I will be working on all of these sometime this weekend. Hopefully I am able to make a dent in all of these projects so that I can show you how hard I can work :).

Until tomorrow!

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