Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Retro Housewife Post # 10

Failures of the Retro Housewife-

So while I daydreaming and driving in car on the autobahn (Children were in school for day) pulling like 100, I thought about if I had made it clear the failures I had experienced in becoming a retro housewife. I went back over past posts and no I have not.

I love the Martha Stewart lists they are awesome...problem? I have not followed any other list but those even though I mean too. I need too get on it. I should snap pictures of the inside of my house but really I am not wanting to be arrested for having a dirty house with children. I can manage to keep the house clean for about two days and then three hurricanes named Nathan, Lucas and Joe whip through my house.

Did I mention that after the whole night of cleaning I woke up the the kids bedrooms trashed and a huge cover pinned to the walls in the hallway as a tent and my oldest (Nathan) Scaling the inside of the door frame like he was Spiderman. Did I also mention that this happened at 5am? No well it did.

I bet you are wondering what my plan for fixing this is going to be. Can I tell you the truth and say..."I don't know?"

I actually should be cleaning now but just got home from being out since 845am. So this is a mini post to you that I am human I make mistakes things do not always go my way but that I continue to work at them anyways because that is just the way I am made. I will be making dinner and then posting Pictures of the areas of my house I cleaned using the Martha Stewart lists and detail exactly what I did. I think this will be a fun project for the day!


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  1. we all have off days/weeks/months chun up. i know ho you feel. i feel like i waste too much time cleaning when it just gets messed up! it's a real downer sometimes.

  2. I really hate housework. It seems fairly futile when you have kids!!

    p.s. That card is hilarious! :)


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