Sunday, January 2, 2011

Homemaking..Star Date 34

Put your Hands up!

I am sitting in my house surrounded yet again by a messy house. I have cleaned pretty much every single day since my children have been let out for Christmas vacation. And every night I sit and wonder what the hell happened. How did two children 30 pounds apiece manage to rip up all the hard work it took me most of the day to accomplish in the span of 45 min. You know the average time it takes to make dinner.

I just want to throw my hands up and scream I give up! But I can't cause then how would things get done? So today because tomorrow is the official start of my status as a stay at home mom I decided to start clearing out of the trash in my house.

I know that is usually a Job for spring but the first rule of military families is that usually we actually complete any type of spring cleaning until right before we are getting ready to PCS to our next duty station. So I began with the two rooms that I avoid and hate with a boys rooms.

I have two rough and rowdy boys. I hang up curtains and they are torn down the next day....I put up pictures and they are not only in the toy box but before they ended up in the toy box one of the children has decided to use them as a ramp to either skate down or a ramp for their cars and trains to travel to and from their locations.

So trying to keep their rooms decorated has been the hardest thing I have ever tried to do. I mean I just want to laminate everything on their walls and scream "DON'T TOUCH MINES MINES MINES" but thats crazy right? I mean that would be hard to keep clean not to mention what if they make a hole and get caught behind the lamination? Nope it's just not a very good idea. I do occasionally break out into a screaming match with them in which I do scream "MINES MINES MINES MINES". They think I am funny. Whatever I'll give them a bill for all the Magic Erasers I have had to buy over the years and charge them in candy. Bet they wouldn't laugh then!

So, I have done this organization of their room before. So this time was easier because I already had the little pictures on the their drawers for where the toys go. I pulled out all the games and other things that require pieces and I now have a box dedicated specifically to holding art and game supplies. These things are kept where they are able to reach them but where I can watch them use them and can supervise their putting them away.

I want to say that it was plan and simple getting the room cleaned up with my two Cinderfella's helping me. But it wasn't it was annoying but I had to make them clean it up. How else can I prove how distasteful cleaning up huge messes are if they do not learn to clean up what they did themselves? So the Cinderfellas and I proceeded to sweep and throw away various toys re hang pictures and fold clothes. I open a closet to find that Lucas and Nathan the other day during
a baby powder fight in which the pretended to cook baby powder they decided to coat the bottom part of the closet....FUN! their room look like the aftermath of a coke raid and the pretend kitchen took the brunt of the baby powder fight. There is no way to save it...I have to get rid of it.

Overall I am very happy with the first part of getting ready for the big move coming up this summer. I am also excited because I am suppose to be heading to California for the first time since I left for Korea in 02. :) I miss my home I love the beach I love the malls I love how much there is to do there. I have always wanted to be part of the military and to travel. I am very much not use to living in the same place for longer than four years. I thought that because I was use to moving around that I never really called any place home. But I have to realize that I am a cali girl to my core there is no where else in the world I would rather call home than somewhere in Cali *San Diego preferred* as my home :).

Live long and Love the place called home


  1. GIrl, I do the same everyday. It's crazy how fast children destroy.....everything! But this has taught me that living in a big house is overrated! More for them to destroy :) I hope your transition goes well!!! I am not quite homesick yet, but I have another 2 years left in Germany!

  2. Daily, I am picking up after my kids, usually cursing under my breath as I do it. It feels like GroundHog Day, same thing day in and day out!
    I am excited for you to move back stateside!


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