Monday, January 17, 2011

Homemaking....Star Date 36

Why yes, as a matter of fact I am crazy..

So, I have been glancing around my house mentally trying to prepare for my pcs between doing my homework helping Nathan with his homework and chasing Lucas the Wonderkid around the house constantly. If you have ever moved anywhere you know how annoying and stressful it is and how often you may leave everything until the last minute because...well it's not fun.

Military families often do not have this kind of luxury...leaving everything until the last minute means that trash will get packed...true story. When I was a teen and we were moving from Texas back to California (I was SO EPICALLY ready!), my mom moved us back to Cali so that we could start school at the beginning of the year with everyone else. This meant that my dad would be in charge of packing up the house and cleaning and all that when my mother was usually the one to handle it. My poor father is pretty horrible in that arena...seriously I wondered how he survived before he married my OCD mother. You know the hoarders that are on those tv shows? That would have been my father (and could be now for all I know since they are divorced). So we get our stuffed delivered and we are super excited... No more sleeping on the damn floor! yip the freak eee!!! So we open up the package and what the hell do we see?! A trashcan filled with trash and another box filled with dirty dishes...THE HORROR! I mean really daddy you could have at least done the dishes before this happened...what was wrong with you?!

So my goal as a military wife is to avoid this at all cost. I have not obtained all my mothers OCD attributes but I have enough of them that if this happened I would be getting new dishes and a new trash can and anything that traveled along with that box would be discarded as soon as possible. Now what I am planning to do for the next couple of months is to clean and organize and to get ready for move back to the states. The biggest part of this is that I plan on going back early. I need to see my mom and I want to go to visit Cali. I am missing it like crazy and can't wait to go back and walk on the beach, go to the zoo and visit the malls. Mommy needs a vaca lol.

There are not enough hours in the day for me to get everything I need to get done. Especially since I have to organize and do projects for school make it to spin class and try to get to derby practice since Joe is back for a week. But he is leaving again and I will be the only parent again doing errands bath time homework time and my own homework.

So I tomorrow I am going to be working my tail off from the crack of dawn's ass until her ass sets. So I will begin my day at 500am. TOLD you I was crazy. I intend to make the husband breakfast clean the house start laundry work out a bit and do some reading for homework before my boys wake up at 7am to start their day.

I also want to decorate the house with flowers so before I pick up my boys from school tomorrow I plan on hitting the store to grab the supplies for that. I hope that I have pictures for this very soon :)

Time for homework!!

Live long and smell the roses :)

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