Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Homemaking..Star Date 37

So this morning was a fail.....

funny pictures history - TOWELS

My day started out as a fail from the time I woke up at 7am to the 5am that I was actually suppose to get up. My toddler likes to lay right under me and by that I mean that if I scoot over he rolls into be like he is a heat seeking device. seriously the bed is not big enough for the three of us. Someone needs to go...and since five years ago I bought this Sealy mattress for 800 dollars it's really just a toss up between Lucas the Wonderkid and Joe the husband. I don't care who goes at this point as long as I get to sleep without people laying on top of me or under me or rubbing the top of my head like I am a puppy dog.

Today I was going to clean and run errands in the afternoon and grab my friend Miss C and take her with me before I headed out so we could hang out before she leaves. But alas since I woke up late I decided that the best thing for me to do was to hit the store in the morning after I dropped off my boys. I don't claim to have the most exciting life..but I do have interesting encounters. Today's interesting encounters was brought to you today by the Flower Shop in the bx.

The ladies in there could barely speak English. Which usually really is not a big deal but, I actually needed to speak to them today. So I proceed to ask for the flower that I can least likely kill. They understand nothing I am saying so they walk me around the tiny shop picking up random flowers and I ask the same question "Can I kill it easily?" They shake their heads I don't know and pick up a different flower. They are as helpful as my children when I ask them who broke my ipod.
funny pictures history - now. i'll ask you again...did you break mommy's vase?
I walk out with a Tiny flower and a heart on a stick and a red vase for the tiny flower I am hoping to not kill. They didn't give me the name of the flower or care instructions....I will probably be buying a new plant soon and mourning the death of this one inside the next week.

Crafty Time and Book Recommendation

I was trying to decorate the house in a cheap manner and was walking around the bx in wonder trying to figure out how I could do this. So I found red paper heart doilies YES DAMN IT! doilies. They are pretty so suck it :). They cost me about 2 dollars and some change and I was able to to figure out how to use them in different ways. I am way too tired and I have homework to do so I will post pictures of everything tomorrow.

I also visited the book store and while I did not get the book due to it being in Hardback and not having the money for it I figured that I would introduce it to my readers because I think you will all get a kick out of it so here it is Simple Time Crafts for Poor People by Amy Sedaris. I flipped through the book totally worth the 13.99. Shut up don't talk about my not being able to afford a 13.99 book......Now I will cry :(. Hehehe I kid I kid.

Needless to say the house was not cleaned my nose has not been re pierced and I have a ton of homework to do. So until tomorrow!

Live long and do not kill your flowers.

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  1. Hahaha, too funny. When my husband got deployed back in '08, I just bought the flowers that you can cut the bottoms and throw em in a nice vase. I do that now during the spring and summer. I tried the whole garden/potted plant thang....yeah, I have a black thumb both literally and figuratively! It's crazy I can not garden worth a damn, but I shall not give up! Let's not try to kill our plants together ;)


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