Sunday, February 6, 2011

Homemaking.....Star Date 38

I hate homework...I love shopping

My title says it all I LOVE shopping. I want to be a career shopaholic but I am too poor for such a career. So I will be a career window shopper. I want to update my whole wardrobe to dresses. 50's dresses...and I want to wear shoes like these with my 50's dresses

Crazy Shoes - High Fashion for Elly May

Yes I understand they are totally hott and large but wait there is a perfectly good reason for wearing shoes this high while you perform housework. First of all there is hanging up pictures on the wall. I don't have to search for a hammer I am WEARING one. The there is the fact that I am short as hell. I don't have to worry about getting a step stool to reach the stuff on the high shelf because my 4 inch heels make me tall enough to read them myself!

Lets not forget flirting with the deli guy to get the good cuts of meat. Who does not appreciate a hott mom tottering around in hooker heels as she grocery shops?

Alright so I have been having fun exploring my inner domestic diva and have been dealing with Quilting I have found a few sites that are pretty freaking awesome. I will share them here with you.

My journey through learning to quilt has made me think about home ec in highschool. Something I didn't have and as I make this journey of learning the fine domestic arts I am beginning to wish there was a class that taught me basic sewing, cooking and other things that use to be considered standard to know. I think the more plugged in we become the more we lose the parts that made us interesting and fun that required the use of special talents. I have decided that I will teach both my boys basic sewing and to use a sewing soon as I finish learning to use it myself!

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