Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Homemaking Star Date 22012...

To Opie My Urban Lumberjack.....
Sons of Anarchy Renewal of the Day


Hipsters in Their Lumberjack Best
These are Hipster Lumberjacks see list below for accuracy. 

So if you are part of the world in anyway you heard the uproar of thousands as we watched the final hit that took out our beloved Opie last night. I was ANGRY. How dare they leave Tigs the mofo I KNEW should have gone down before at the hand of Opie, alive. You took from me my lovely big Urban Lumberjack. 


So you are saying to yourself...what the HELL is an Urban Lumberjack. Well at first I thought it was a Hipster who wore the lumberjack look but bought it from places that charged 50 dollars for plaid shirts and had never stepped foot outside. I have now decided that Urban Lumberjacks are those men who can cut wood and kill animals and fish but live in urban locations. They grow beards, are big men who look lovely and protect you with their amazing speed and ability to wield an ax. *Drools*. You know you want one. Urban Lumberjacks are not prolific and are hard to find because a Hipster can be mistaken for one. Ways to tell the difference...

If the boots are not scuffed they are a Hipster

If their shirts have no rips or tears they are a Hipster

If they tell you that any part of their clothing came from somewhere besides walmart or target or a lumberjack store then they are a Hipster

If they have to look up how to chop wood on bitch run!! 

Now, I know this blog is about food so I have some food that I would serve to my Urban LumberJack 

Collard greens with Ham hock 
Corn bread 
Mashed Potatoes 
String beans 

This is list is not complete but I do not think you need the full list of what my Urban Lumberjack *cough* Opie would like :) Chocolate.....

Anyways I did make something new today... SWEET POTATO CHIPS!! I actually made them yesterday and burned the shit out of them. My camera was dead otherwise I would have treated you all to a picture of the fun burned sweet potato! 

These are the lovely sweet potato chips I made today! The kids ripped them apart and I was very proud of myself for getting back on the horse and trying something new. Especially after the death of my lumberjack was so fresh on my mind. lol. Make sure you check out the notes for the location of this recipe and maybe someone can tell me how to cut a damn sweet potato without almost taking some of my fingers with the knife. Don't worry there was no blood spilled in the making of this dish! 

Later today I will be making Hummus Sandwiches for the kids for snack and will post about that tomorrow afternoon during nap before my own lunch! For now have a great day and look out for Hipster Lumberjacks!!

RIP Opie


Live Long and Date an Urban Lumber Jack

From Capt. Domestic Diva

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