Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Homemaking Star Date 1....



I am going to start afresh! Kinda like a douche....but for the blog. What would I call that? Blouche? That sounds about right! So today America, I am Blouching my blog :) Well I am keeping all the old shit but I am starting over so that we can have some fun....maybe I am really not douching....Oh well, this is not the or the place to have this thought process play out. This is where I show you how I manage to decorate my house on cheap beer money. So because I am bound and determined to gather new fans and to be able to celebrate that I will have one post a day next year I want to reintroduce myself to you all.....

My name is Tessie and I aspire to be the black Martha Stewart...without the jail time or the random people in my private life who hate me. Also Oprah is NOT the black Martha Stewart.. I know that is what you were thinking. Imagine I just kicked you for that. Anyways I am *cough* 21. (YES! YES, I will be any damn age I like!). I am from California by way of New York. I was once in the military now I am not and I am currently running my own in home preschool... NOT DAYCARE!!! PRESCHOOL!! I hate when people try to correct me about my own career. No dummy I am a preschool teacher I teach and write lesson plans. I do it from my home because it is the best way to start a business without going into debt...or in my case deeper debt.

I am glad I was shamed into starting to pay attention my blog around now because all the good holidays for decorating and cooking are coming up. I am not the best baker in the world. I hate to measure things and since this is a requirement for making many of the things I come up with usually look crazy or like they could be used to render a man unconscious. If you shift through the other posts I love a wide range of things and I will continue to post about them now.

I have found my voice!!! I am less scared of people hating me because well when I am sweet to people I seem to draw the people who want to walk all over me so I am turning over this leaf! No not really I am always going to be that too nice person until you piss me off. This though this is how I really speak and think. I will say sorry ahead of time. Until this damn blog starts to net me some cash I can not afford someone to come in and edit my blog for me so you can either love me for the incorrect way I write and possibly think or I can redirect you to some other blogs with nicer voices.

I am a real housewife or wife with a job that is in my house lol. My house is not always as maintained as the pictures on the internet or as wives on tv. My children are dirty at the end of the day, sometimes we don't leave the house and we sit around in pajamas. I eat out cause I do not feel like cooking and I go through periods where cooking and baking seem more like a chore than something fun to do. I play roller derby because I love to hit bitches. LMAO! No really I play because it is something that I can do by myself. Losing myself as I became a mother and a career woman became something that was all too easy to do. I wanted to be able to make sure I did something I loved and that would help me remain to be me. Sometimes I feel like a failure with roller derby but I will continue to work my ass off with it because I love it so much and I think it is worth it.

I am what the standard housewife has really become in this day and age when we refuse to play the "I am a better mommy because..." game. I am not competing with the amount of extra curricular activities my child can do in one day or the amount of education they have before they reach the age of five. My goal in life is to turn out good people into the world. I do not care what they do with their lives as long as it is legal and they are happy and nice, decent, helpful people. I meet moms that share these views online and they live states or sometimes a world away. It always seems no one wants to admit to being this way or if they appear to be this way they get snubbed. I am reaching out to the moms who struggle to do the house wife thing while taking care of children and a husband. I am reaching out and showing the humor to a lifestyle that is often not appreciated and looked down on. To inject humor and life back into something that use to be so much fun and has become a game of who can do it better.

Lets have fun ladies! Burn dinner sometimes, drink wine while you cook or for no reason at all. Drink the wrong wine with the wrong meat. Just live and forget the Sanctimommies.

So ladies and sometimes gents...Welcome to fourth (fifth?) new beginning of Homemaking My Final Frontier :)

Live Long and Enjoy!!!

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