Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I'm what you call social bad luck.... A humorous post

funny pictures history - So Loretta thinks she can throw a better dinner party? Ha! I'll show her!!

So I have lived in Maryland a year. I have been trying to make friends for.....a year. I am starting to think I smell...or I look like something on the bottom of a shoe...hahaha not really I'm cute...right? RIGHT? Whatever your opinion means nothing to me!

So anyways I am suppose to be a 50's housewife right? or at least a better updated form of a 50's house wife. So I should throw a dinner party....HOW FUN! Now this actually does sound like fun wine and food and making friends and kicking the yucky boys out of the living room and into almost any other room in the house, just as long as they are not in my living and dining room.

My worry...what if I send out these invites and no one wants to come?! I know you are sitting there thinking...She is being paranoid....or she is awesome why wouldn't people want to hang with her (no to the last thought? whatever I'm flipping you off! No, I'm not I have to type). So anyways I have actually planned many many many many many many many things fun fun things and they just don't happen. So I have deemed that I am Social bad luck.

This means I can not plan nor put together any social functions because they will crash and burn and I will be sitting in the middle of the wreck saying..."Why the hell did this just happen?!" No! Stop it, no need to feel bad, this means that I no longer have to worry about planning anything for anyone else because I am such bad luck! I can just sit back and allow others to plan and invite me while they do all the work and I show up eat and leave. The set up is perfect...really can't think of a reason why this would not work out in my favor.....

Unless I am never invited anywhere.....

Twilight Zone Music plays.

Here are some awesome dinner parties:,r:2,s:0,i:82&biw=1440&bih=785

Next post is coming soon who knows maybe I will suck it up and throw the party and end up with visitors!

Live Long and Don't be a Stranger!

Homemaking Diva

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