Friday, July 5, 2013

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It's My Anniversary.......
I Got You These Goldfish

I got married 8 years ago today. I was 8 months pregnant and miserable in Florida cause I was fat and hot. Yeah yeah. I know someone is going to judge me cause the baby happened before the ring. But it's just how we roll up in here. We do it all backwards and then say "WHAT?!"

So the man servant went TDY in May and got back the day before our anniversary. So I am putting him on blast and saying that he didn't finish planning our day all. Now I am not being mean it's just that I have always made all the plans and I am refusing to do it this time. I am also resisting the urge to take over cause I feel like he is going so slow. This is a two fold thing in the end. I am learning to let go and let him do stuff and he is learning I won't fix everything when he does not complete tasks.

We are failing....I am failing. Actually I am doing pretty good I am typing this blog and working on my lesson plans for the next month and not worrying about the fact that he did not finish planning and that I have no idea what we are doing and how cute I need to be dressed.

I'm lying through my teeth but whatever alcohol will fix most of the day tomorrow so we will just let it all hang out.

So this is a housewife blog and because it is a house wife blog I am going to discuss something that is house wife related. That is working and dinner. This blog is going to begin the Crock pot series I will be running for the next month. Working full time and attempting to feed your family is hard. So I decided that for the summer I would crock pot the protein and then serve fresh veggies and fruit as the sides. Not only will this be good for our weight loss but it is probably much healthier than the way we have been eating. We are also going to attempt to cut out all fast food....wish us luck on that one.

So our crock pot recipe for the night is roasted chicken. Food network is one of my favs so I decided to pull a pretty easy recipe from there.
Crock Pot Whole Chicken. Photo by DanaPNY

*Picture from the Food Network.

I would pair this with fresh carrots and maybe sliced pears or mangoes. We have taken a shine to mangoes lately. The picture does show gravy which would be a nice touch but it really depends on you and if you feel the meet needs that extra touch. I am going to put up a picture Monday night to show you what my dinner looks like.

It is now time for me to get back to my work! Please pass the blog along and comment. I am always trying to be a better housewife but really this is not a competition. This is for the real housewife the chick who decided to not clean this morning because she wanted to sleep two extra hours on her day off instead of scrubbing behind toilets because the men in her life refuse to aim.

Live long and eat your veggies :)

The Housewife Diva

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