Friday, December 5, 2014

Star Date....12052014 Listen up

Listen up

I am sitting here feeling frustrated. I am annoyed. I was even hurt (that is a different story).  What could possibly rain on the parade of someone who usually shoots rainbows from her ass?

The current state of our country...and my facebook page.

Yeah my damn facebook page. As I scroll down and look and see people I considered to be friends spew nasty about the cases that have dominated the news. They want us to sit down and shut up. They say things like "it's our fault cops see us the way we do"..."why would you run from the cops?" and other things. They want this to go away. So if you care at all about me you will listen...if you don't then go on and continue to spout off as you want and not listen to the knowledge I am going to give to you free of charge. Well kinda free since you have to pay for internet to even read a blog. Unless you steal it....then whatever.

This movement you are so damn tired of hearing about is not about good cops. Let me say this again bigger. THIS IS NOT ABOUT GOOD COPS. It's about cops who think they are above the law and the justice system that allows them to keep feeling that way. It is about decades of racism that is allowed to continue because people want to pretend that it is not there. How DARE you tell me and other black people that racism is not a big deal, that it is gone. HOW DARE YOU! That is disrespectful and frustrating on so many levels. I know it is there. Personally I deal with it randomly. It is dehumanizing. This way of treating minorities was the standard not even that long ago. Do you think that something that deeply ingrained in our history is going to go away in a few decades? My mother dealt with it her mother and my great grandmother who is still living dealt with it. Do you think it was something that would fade and we would all hold hands and be ok? No.

Because this way of thought is passed down. Children learn it and some break away. But some don't they have the image of the ghetto black person reinforced by the media. We all grow up in the hood we all have guns do drugs we are all lazy, we all like sports, we all sing and dance well. This is what the media shows of the black culture this is what many cops go into the force thinking about black people. God knows what they think about other minorities.

This type of thinking is dangerous. It will cloud good judgement, it will cause a cop to refer to a black man his same size in dehumanizing way. Claim that he feared for his life. You really think after reading his descriptions of Michael Brown that his training couldn't have been better? I do. Letting go of your way of thinking of certain types of people needs to be something that is worked on. As long as we do not address it these killings of unarmed men...not just black men will continue.

You think people are being down on cops? Bullshit the clear thinking of us are not worried about the good cops who want to serve and protect. We are worried about those with the quick trigger fingers. Those willing to use illegal moves when there is no reason or justification.

Admitting there is a problem with the justice system does not make you unamerican.  Saying that you want cops to get better training, counseling less military like equipment, is not saying that you think all cops are bad. We are not at war with the cops we are at war with a justice system that was not built for all the people in this country. Get mad I said that if you want but it's true.

I am tired of scrolling and seeing people call black people animals, say we are using race cards that we need to get over it. You need to get over yourselves. Look outside yourself see that maybe just maybe we feel this way and this is getting worst because we feel like we are visitors in our own country. We want the same justice. Don't say well this happened to this white guy over here where is his protest. This is not just about getting a change for one type of person, although you do need to understand this fight was born from that. It is about making this better for all people. No one deserves to wonder if they will be shot because the cop sees them as a threat before taking in all the facts. Banging on a door for help shouldn't get you shot. shooting someone six times with no weapon? shouldn't even be ok ever no matter what color.

Don't spit on cops. Not all cops are bad. But don't you dare say "them" "they" and call black people animals and think you are not part of the problem. Protesters actual real ones are not burning down their homes. They are marching, organizing, speaking out. Listen to those people. Stop closing yourself off to the message that is being chanted.

We deserve respect. Start respecting us and our feelings.

Live Long and Respect Others.

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