Friday, February 20, 2015

Star Date 02202015.....Sometimes you should love yourself like Kanye loves himself

Sometimes You Should Love Yourself Like Kanye Loves Himself

What A Shame Kanye
So Kanye is in the news again for being special. Not special in a good way but special with a K. Speckial. Now I bet you are wondering how this pertains to being a housewife. Well lets look at this picture: 


Yes, it is a picture of Kanye making out with himself. While Kanye is an idiot. (Not sure this is really something we need to fight about cause it's true). The love he has for himself is so real and true that it could teach us overworked wives and moms a lesson. 

Love yourself like Kanye loves himself. 

Treat yourself to a new fantastic wardrobe. 

Probably not anything made my Kanye. We are not yet in a zombie Apocalypse so no need to dress the part quite yet. Although if you are really ambitious you could design a clothing line from hefty bags and it would have the same effect as his new clothing line. 

Pamper yourself. Go out and get your nails done get your hair did or if you are like me pampering means getting a tattoo or going to the comicbook shop. 

Go eat lunch with some friends. Laugh drink have fun. 

With all the things we do for our families. It's sometimes hard to remember to take care of ourselves. Which is why Kanye is such an important part of this post. This man lives for himself. Now I am not saying we need to go to karaoke night and steal someones thunder or bust into a wedding and tell them that the groom wants to marry us and not them. But we should make an effort to care for ourselves better. We are responsible for significant others and sometimes children and animals. What happens when we get overwhelmed and burnt out? 

We end up on stage saying Bush hates black people at an inappropriate time. 

As the caretakers of our families we can not forget that we exist and that we are important. So the answer to the question is: yes, we are allowed to love ourselves like kanye loves himself. 

Just not erryday all day. 

Live long and get pampered. 

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