Sunday, September 5, 2010

Adventures in Hair Part 2

Today I have many projects I want to do but the main one is my hair. For as long as I can remember I have straightened my hair to make it more manageable for myself. I had super long hair and it was a two hour event to properly take care of it. I have toyed around with getting locs for years but was never quite brave enough to do it.
But this year has been the year of many changes in my life. This last couple of months have been crazy hard for me. As I look at the pictures of me with hair that is bone stright or curled I sometimes do not recognize myself.

But then as I have stopped using my hot comb and flat iron and just let my fro fly and I am feeling good about it. I am loving it. Having fun with hair for once as I learn about my hair in it's natural state.

Black women are not often encouraged to leave their hair in it's natural state. The image pushed by society is that straight hair is pretty hair that our own hair can't possibly be managed. For how long do we allow people to tell us our own hair is not beautiful.
Sarah Walker or Madam CJ Walker started hair products for black women during a time when our hair was not a billion dollar a year hair industry. When we as black women were struggling to even keep hair on our heads. Our hair falls out when not taken care of properly. But unlike how black haircare started out now the industry is not run by black people. Hair care products are created in and shipped from all over the world but if you have ever been to a hair show pay careful attention to who the booths are manned by. Who the president of the company is. Where the company is based from.

A good documentary that should be watched would be a documentary done with Chris Rock called Good Hair

I like this one because it covers all aspects of black hair care. Not just the industry but the reasons why women do what they to their hair the feelings behind it.

So tonight I am going to double strand twist my hair and hope that this will be the beginning to my loc journey.

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