Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sometimes you have to let go....

So I decided yesterday after come in direct contact with her that I had to choose between what I was willing to put up with and what I needed to put up with.

I was told I could not skate due to not being able to show up to practices. But then when she could have just shown me the moves herself she refused. I was then disrespected as she referred to me as a that and told I was not going to be allowed to destroy what SHE worked so hard to build up. That was the last straw. I can't and won't allow this to color the experience I would like to have with Roller Derby.

I am so so proud of what happened here. The chances of getting a team off the ground sometimes is 0 percent and we were able to do it here. None of that happened just because of me or just because of her it happened because there were dedicated women willing to do the work, show up to practice invest their time effort and money into the team. I am totally grateful for that. Unlike what she probably thinks I do not wish bad on the team or that it falls apart. I WANT the team to do well I want it to be around for a very very long time.

Part of my dream came true even though the part that I wanted to come true didn't which is that I be able to skate. But in the end I am totally ok with just watching from the sidelines and cheering them on. Because this was bigger than my dream to make friends or to even skate this turned into helping other realize they could do this thing they may have been dreaming of.

I got lucky and started this team at the right place and the right time. I wish I could have gotten lucky enough to have stayed on the team or to have worked it out when I tried when the drama initially began but in the end I think it was suppose to be this way and I will move on and try and skate when I get to the states.

This is not a door closing on my dreams I am just cracking it while I work on other dreams I will come back and work on this dream at a later date.

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